A Few Ideas For Christmas Dinner

After the gifts have been opened on Christmas morning, it is time for families to begin, or perhaps continue, the preparations for the Christmas Dinner.  All over the world, the Christmas holidays are marked by traditions that includes delicious foods.  In many families the traditional foods are served every year.  Various countries mark the Christmas holiday in different ways.

If you are looking for something new to serve for your Christmas dinner, you might want to borrow a menu that is traditional to another country.  In order for a meal to qualify as Christmas dinner you do not need to serve turkey or ham.  If you do not truly enjoy sticking to tradition, then you can make a change to your Christmas dinner menu.

For instance, a traditional German Christmas dinner may consist of dishes such as stuffed Christmas Goose, Red Cabbage, and Potato Dumplings.  Baked Apples may be served for dessert.  In Germany, Christmas Dinner is often served on Christmas Eve rather than on Christmas Day.  If you want to prepare a meal featuring German foods  for your Christmas dinner you don’t have to prepare a traditional Christmas dinner for your meal.  Instead, choose a German theme for your food and prepare whatever you think tastes good and is relatively easy to prepare.  You want to be able to enjoy dinner with family and friends and not work to prepare a meal that is too time consuming.

In some parts of Italy red meat is not eaten on Christmas Eve day.  There is a tradition among some people to have fish for the evening meal.  This is commonly referred to as the 7 fishes dinner and it is a fascinating tradition for those who enjoy seafood.  If you do not enjoy seafood you can certainly prepare a nice feast of various Italian foods for your Christmas dinner.

Foods served in the United Kingdom during Christmas may be closer to the taste you are used to at Christmas time.  A popular Christmas dinner in the UK may include roast turkey, dressing, roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts and pudding pie.  A popular interesting tradition in the UK is that of Christmas crackers which hold little gifts and goodies inside.

Most Americans enjoy Mexican cuisine.  You might want to serve your favorite Mexican dishes for Christmas dinner.

You might want to consider serving food from cultures that do not traditionally celebrate Christmas.  You might want to prepare some Thai, Indian or Chinese foods for your meal.

The important thing to remember is to find dishes that are relatively simple to prepare, difficult to mess up, and can easily be skipped in the event something does go wrong.

In most households at Christmas there are lots of distractions and you don’t want a ruined Christmas dinner because one dish is proving difficult or impossible to make, or it gets burned, or dropped on the floor, or the food is devoured by the dog.

The important thing is that you prepare a meal with love for your family and friends who are gathered near. Make your Christmas dinner menu fun to eat, fun to prepare, and something that will make your guests smile.  You want them to enjoy themselves and have fond memories of Christmas Day.