A Few Tips To Help Conserve and Recycle

There are many ways you can conserve energy and help the planet too.

Try turning off your computer.  If you don’t want to wait for it to come on in the morning set it to automatically start up shortly before the time you normally start to use it.

Turn off lights if you plan to be out of a room for fifteen minutes or more.  It will also help if  you replace your regular light bulbs with the compact florescent bulbs.

When your fireplace is not in use close the damper.  Leaving the damper open is like having an open window in your room.

Recycle your aluminum cans, newspapers, cardboard, metal, plastic, papers and glass instead of putting these items out for trash for the landfill.  Have you tried composting your yard waste.

Try washing clothes in cold or warm water and only run your washer with a full load of clothes.  Hang dry your clothes on a line or rack whenever possible and only use your dryer occasionally.  Try taking showers instead of baths since a shower uses less water (unless you stay under the shower an extreme length of time).

Keep up the maintenance on your car so it will run with peak efficiency.  Group your errands together so you can avoid making a lot of short trips.  If you can use your cruise control it will save fuel.

If you have a baby try using cloth diapers instead of the disposable ones.  Disposable diapers add a great deal of waste to our landfills.

To conserve on paper try using both sides of the piece of paper.  Try cutting done on the number of paper napkins and paper plates you use.  Pay your bills online and avoid getting the paper statements.  Be creative when wrapping gifts.  In place of purchasing gift wrap and gift bags try using cloth, maps, newspaper or the paper from bags.  It’s a fun project for children to decorate paper from bags to use as gift wrap.

You can conserve on energy by using a programmable thermostat.  Set it just one degree lower than normal in winter and one degree higher in summer.  Adjust temperature for the time you are away from home or are in bed asleep.

Reuse plastic containers  you get from your groceries instead of purchasing additional plastic containers.

Donate clothing and household items and books you no longer want or use to a local thrift shop.

Take your reusable bags to the grocery store so you don’t need to use either a new plastic or paper bag.

Get a water bottle you can wash and refill and stop purchasing the plastic bottles of water.  These employ plastic bottles will accumulate in the landfill for years and years.

These are just a few ways to conserve.  You can probably come up with many more ways to save.