A Pet Can Improve Your Health

A pet enriches our lives and the lives of our family.  A pet brings unconditional love to us.  It is true that a pet becomes a part of his or her family.  Living with a pet gives us real and tangible benefits.

A pet actually can improve your health.  You can experience mental health benefits, physical health benefits, social benefits and emotional benefits.

Here are five beneficial ways a pet can improve your life:

  1. Mental Health

Many studies have proved that a pet can improve your mental health.  Years ago pets were brought into psychiatric wards to help calm patients and encourage them to cooperate.  Today we know pets can improve our moods.  In fact, now pets visit the residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to lift their spirits and bring some joy into their lives.

Have you ever felt down and your pet comes to you to play?  This is a way the pet can improve your mood.  The unconditional love of the pet can cause positive chemicals to be released by the brain which can avert the negative stressor chemicals.  When you experience positive occurrences your mental health can greatly improve.

  1. Emotional Health

Have you ever owned a pet, perhaps a dog, who came over to you when you were crying and licked away your tears?  Studies show that dogs especially are responsive to the emotions of their owners and are readily available to respond to them.  Pet owners are shown to be happier than individual who have no pets.  Pets greatly improve the emotional health of their owners.

  1. Physical Health

According to research studies pet owners are physically healthier than non-pet owners.  Pet owners have a reduced risk of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol.  Since pets need exercise when you take them for a walk or play catch with them you will get some beneficial physical activity too.  Some pet dogs have been trained to alert and assist their owners with certain medical conditions such as diabetes or seizure disorders.

  1. Fitness and Socialization

Socialization for your pet is necessary for his health and wellbeing.  Activities such as walking, jogging, running, swimming and hiking are all good activities for your pet and you will need to accompany him.  This gives not only your pet a chance to socialize it also gives you a chance to meet and socialize with other pet owners.  When you have a dog a visit to the dog park can be a good social activity for both you and your pet.

  1. Spiritual Benefits

When you reach out to help another you become more spiritual.  This is true whether you are reaching out to another human or reaching out to and caring for a pet.  Playing, walking, bathing and just cuddling your pet as you take care of them is an excellent way to become more spiritual.  What can be more spiritual than taking care of a pet that is helpless and unable to care for itself.ChocolateLab-621x351_Blog-621x351