Antique Firearms 

If you are a collector of antique firearms, or if you want to start collecting antique firearms, the auctions online, such as eBay, offer firearms from days long past. At the online auctions you will find people who are selling antique firearms. 

Firearms are usually considered antiques after they are 50 years old. Some firearms may be considered antiques if they are only 40 years old.  This occurs with certain firearms that may have been limited editions or firearms from companies that have gone out of business.  There are also collectors who only purchase guns over 100 years old. 

Groups such as the NRA, CCA, PAGCA, OGCA, CADA or MAAS all promote the ownership and use of guns.  These groups also sponsor gun shows where you are likely to find guns from the 1800s or 1900s.  Gun shows are where you will find a wide array of guns. 

When you are looking for your antique firearm you may be looking at guns which require packing sticks or that require powder.  You may need some other items to go with your antique firearms.  You might need bullets and cleaning supplies made for the particular gun type you are collecting.   

No two collectors are alike.  The type of guns and the age of the guns you collect is a matter of your personal preference.  You might prefer one shot or multiple shot firearms.  Build your collection around your favorite type firearm. 

Once you start your antique firearms collection you will need to consider a few other things.  You should look into insuring your collection.  You need to determine where and how you are going to store your collection. 

Antiques firearms are normally cleaned, polished and only used for very special occasions.  You want to store your antique firearms in a place that is cool and dry.  If not taken care of properly, the finish on the gun can become rusty and pitted.  Touching your collector guns too often may leave excessive oils from your hands on the guns. 

Since you don’t want your guns to be touched too much, keeping them under glass will help protect them and keep them in mint condition.  It is a good idea to keep your guns in a location that will not be easily found by others. 

If you don’t want to display your guns you might keep them in safe where they are dry, and cool and not readily available for people to handle. 

If there are children in the home you want to be sure to purchase locks to keep children safe and away from the firearms. 

You want to take care of your collection so it can increase in value as it becomes older.  Keep your collection as long as possible.   

Antique guns are a reminder of a long-ago time in history.  Researching the history of the antique firearms in your collection can be interesting and exciting. Your collection should be of those guns which interest you most.  Many people collect firearms from a certain time period.  They may collect guns from the 1800s or they may decide to build collections representing various years in gun history.