Are You A Leader?

Are you truly a leader or are you simply someone who likes to give others instructions and directions?  A true leader can motivate others to do more than they thought possible.  A leader takes responsibility for his actions.  A leader is open to changes, is optimistic, decisive and is confident.  Leaders know their value and are not chasing after glory.

You do not need to manage a group of people or be a CEO of a company to be a leader.

On the other hand, followers are motivated by a chance at the next raise, title or promotion – something that will be of benefit to them.  They are motivated by outside factors whereas leaders have an inner need to excel.

Do you think you are a leader in your professional life?

Here are a few ideas to help you determine if you are a leader or a follower:

  1. A leader is quick to praise his team for a job well done and offers encouragement to them for their efforts.

A follower is slow to praise the team for their achievements and is quick to fault their efforts.

  1. A leader is a role model for his team and leads by example.

A follower never steps into a leadership role.  Instead he blends in with the crowd.

  1. A leader believes in his business. He takes the time and makes the effort to guide new teammates through the learning process.  He teaches the new people how to achieve their goal and how to overcome obstacles.

A follower accepts a new person onto his team and then passes them off to someone else for training.  He may simply push the new person to one side and mostly ignore him.  The follower is not really interested in or does not know how to motivate someone else.

  1. A leader holds himself to a higher standard than he holds the other members of his time. He demands the best performance and the most effort from himself.

A follower has high expectations from his team, but does not hold himself to those same high standards.

  1. A leader is ready and able to make a decision even if he is not sure the decision is the right one.

A follower will hesitate to act for fear or making the wrong decision.

  1. A leader is open to change and is always seeking ways to make the business better and more profitable.

A follower is satisfied with things as they are and does not welcome changes to the status quo.

  1. Leaders are always willing to go above and beyond the duties outlined in their job description.

Followers are interested in only doing their job and nothing more.

After looking over the list have you determined whether you are a leader or not?  It has nothing to do with a title or salary or job description.  Someone in a position of authority may actually be a follower and not a leader.  Leaders and followers have different ways of looking at everything.  The leader is proactive and optimistic while the follower is apt to be more pessimistic and reactive.