How Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays

During the holiday season most of us are tempted with wonderful foods, drinks and sweets. We socialize more and may find ourselves consuming more of the goodies then we should. No one wants to avoid the pleasures of the holidays. Nor do we want to gain 5 to 10 more pounds between Thanksgiving and the […]

Can Quitting Smoking Cause A Bloated Feeling?

We all know that smoking is detrimental to our health. When you finally make up your mind to quit that habit it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Smoking is an addiction and is not easy to kick. It is not unusual for a smoker to attempt to stop smoking many […]

Time To Declutter, Part 3 – 5 Things To Throw Away Now (Part 3 of 5)

    By now you should have your community rooms, including your kitchen, in pretty good shape. A good amount of the clutter should be gone and these rooms should feel more restful and inviting. Now it’s time to get to work on removing clutter from the bedrooms and bathrooms. Here are 5 things to […]

Time To Declutter Part 2 – Things To Throw Away Right Now – (Part 2 of 5)

  You home is at least presentable now so it’s time to attack the clutter the lurks in cupboards, drawers and such. The kitchen it a good place to get rid of clutter so focus on getting rid of the following 5 things: Spices – We all have purchased a spice for a special recipe […]

Time To Declutter Part 1 – 5 Things To Throw Away Right Now – (Part 1 of 5)

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed as soon as you walk into your home? Are you embarrassed if an unexpected visitor stops by? Do you make a frantic effort to clear the mess when you are expecting guests? If you answered yes to these questions it’s time to take control and get rid of the […]

What Are Some Top Probiotic Supplements For IBS

Probiotics are good bacteria or live microorganisms or yeast which help to maintain a healthy balance in the digestive tract. The probiotics interfere with the disease causing bacteria and they help reduce inflammation. The immune system may also benefit from probiotic use.   Probiotics can be found in some dairy products which contain live cultures such […]

Is There Money Out There With Your Name On It? Find Out Now.

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed funds available to the people who are entitled to these funds. Probably the most unclaimed funds are held by the states, but there are other places where you might discover some funds you’ve forgotten. Some funds are unclaimed because the person left a job and forgot about accrued […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

Some women stay away from weight training because they don’t want to bulk up. This is not true unless bulk muscles are what you are trying to achieve. Weight training will cause you to lose fat and gain muscle. You can realize many health benefits from regular moderate exercise including weight training. As you replace […]

Get Out Of Debt Quick! Here Are Our Top 8 Resolutions For 2016

Carrying a load of debt can be extremely stressful. It can lead to sleepless nights and it can put a strain on your relationship with your spouse or partner. It will take commitment to get out of debt in a reasonable period of time. You will need to drastically change the way you think about […]

Don’t Throw It Away. Here Are 12 Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

When you have finished brewing your pot of coffer don’t just throw your used coffee grounds in the garbage. You can recycle these used coffee grounds in any number of ways. The rough texture of the coffee grounds make a good abrasive for scrubbing grease and grime from dishes and cookware. Place the coffee grounds […]