Avoid these exercises at the Gym

fatigueThere are lots of choices of machines at the gym.  We see others using the machines and think they will be good for us to use.  Be careful.  Some machines may do your body more harm than good.

A few of the exercises to avoid are:   The treadmill if you have too steep an incline.  A steep incline on the treadmill may cause stress to  your ankles, hips or back.  Its best to use a lower incline on the treadmill unless you are very experienced.  The behind the neck lat pull down intended to work back muscles may do harm to the shoulders.  Try pulling the bar down in front of you instead of behind you to avoid strain to your neck and upper back if you feel you simply need to use this machine..  The seated leg extension machine intended to strengthen quads may put strain around the kneecap.  You may want to try squats instead.  The hip abduction machine has you perform motions your body was never meant to do. You may try standing or laying leg lifts instead.

If you are doing overhead exercises for your triceps you may not be getting the workout your need.  This puts strain on your elbows, wrists and shoulders.  Instead try toning your triceps using the incline pushups or the grip bench press.

Sit-ups are popular and thought to be a great core exercise.  These are not especially effective and put strain on your lower back.  Instead try ball crunches.

Doing a squat against a wall with a ball behind your back is easier than a normal squat.  However, this exercise does nothing for your gluts since you are depending on the ball.  Instead do your squats holding the ball to your chest and putting your weight on  your heels and then sitting back.

As you can see some of the fancy exercise machines can do more harm than good.  Its probably safe to use free weights or barbells, resistance bands, lunges,  deep knee bends,  leg lifts, etc.  Just be wary of those machines that move your body in a way it was never meant to move.

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