Benefits of Multivitamins

multiTaking a daily multivitamin is an excellent way to supplement the vitamins and/or minerals you may be lacking from your diet.  Multivitamins are not meant to replace food.  They are intended to fill in the nutritional gaps lacking in your diet on any particular day.

The healthiest way to get your daily vitamins and minerals is by eating healthy varied food.  One good way to be sure you are getting proper nutrition is by following My Plate which is the daily food guide from the federal government.

Each day the body needs a group of essential vitamins.  These needed vitamins include vitamin A,  B complex and B 12 vitamins as well as vitamins C, D, E, and K.    We also need calcium, and potassium and other nutrients.  Many people do not like to eat a variety of healthy food and others prefer a fast food fix most of the time so you can see they are not getting the necessary nutrition from their diet.  Seniors are at a high risk for not getting proper vitamins from their meals.  A multivitamin will not substitute for eating the healthy food, but it may help fill in some of the missing elements needed.

A good daily multivitamin can help improve both your mental and physical health.  It may help prevent chronic medical conditions that can result from a lack of proper nutrition.

Multivitamin supplements usually are a combination of essential vitamins and dietary minerals,  They should not contain hormones, drugs or herbs.  A good daily multivitamin should contain all the recommended essential vitamins and minerals at a level below the Food and Drug Administration’s tolerable upper levels for each item.

Most people will find that the benefits of taking a daily multivitamin will outweigh any risks.   Daily multivitamins are available in various forms such as tablets, liquid and powder.