Bird Watching 

Bird watching is an enjoyable pastime that anyone can enjoy. You can enjoy watching the birds from a window of your home or you can venture to far away places to enjoy the birds. 

Bird watching is a hobby that can be experienced by yourself or it can be shared with family and friends. 

Many people who took up the hobby of watching the birds have found the unexpected benefit of becoming healthier.  This improvement in health may be attributed to the exercise walking to a favorite spot to watch the birds, it may be the time spent outdoors, and it may be the peace and quiet. 

If you plan to start bird watching here are a few tips to help you get started. 

In the beginning, most people who are bird watching are not experts on the various types of birds.  There are many different types of birds and most of them are readily identified by the coloration.  Treat yourself to a book that has many color pictures of birds so you can match the bird you are watching in the sky with the correct bird picture in the book.  You can find bird books suitable for people of all ages, from children to adults.  Consider choosing a book that has information about bird tracks so you can determine what types of birds are in the area by the tracks they make. 

Invest in a CD of bird songs.  This way you will be able to correctly identify the bird by its song even if you are unable to see the bird.  Be sure you purchase a CD that identifies the species of the bird doing the singing.  Everyone in the family, young and old, can learn how to identify birds by their song.  Playing a CD of bird songs is a good way to keep the whole family entertained on a long car trip. 

Entice birds to visit your backyard.  Start by putting a bird bath, bird houses and bird feeders in your yard.  Strive to provide the proper housing and food for the species of birds that live in your area.  If you live in a cold climate where the water in your bird bath may freeze, consider purchasing a heated bird bath.  This way your bird friends can enjoy the bird bath no matter how cold the weather.  Consider planting specific flowers and plants in your yard that will 

attract birds to your home. 

Many people who are bird watchers enjoy belonging to a club with fellow bird watchers.  There are groups all over the world where bird watchers socialize and talk about the various birds they have seen.  These groups are great for a beginning bird watcher.  The more experienced people will be able to help you since they already know how to identify birds by sight and by sound.  Bird watching clubs are fun. These groups organize interesting activities that focus on their favorite hobby – bird watching. 

If you are thinking about becoming a bird watcher now is the time.  Bird watching can be especially helpful for those who are living a stress-filled life. It is a wonderful way to unwind for a few hours and rid yourself of the pressures and stresses of life.