Bollywood, Zumba or both

zumbaFor several years Zumba has been a very popular form of exercise.  Zumba has exercise moves to Latin beat music and is fun and easy to follow.  Zumba has 3 or 4 moves which are repeated during each song and your workout will cause you to break a sweat.

Bollywood is the popular named used for Mumbai’s Hindi language film companies. (Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay)   Bollywood is a combination of the names Bombay and Hollywood.

With the arrival of several new movies from Bollywood, the desire for things which are Indian has surfaced.  Some exercise classes now focus on the energetic Indian dance style Bollywood. Bollywood dancing incorporates some of the traditional Indian dance moves with some more modern dance moves and rhythms. Bollywood incorporates exciting Indian inspired dance moves while still employing the principles for fitness and training.  With its Indian inspired music and new moves, Bollywood pumps up the excitement in the exercise class.

Still other classes use a combination of Zumba and Bollywood.   Both types of exercise training produce a sweat, give a good cardio workout, raise your heart rate and build up cardio endurance.  In addition to your heart, they work out your legs, arms, abdominals and glutes.  These dance exercises burn calories, tone your body and burn fat.  They are energetic and fun and can be enjoyed by all age groups.  You need not be experienced  in the dance exercise moves to feel comfortable taking the class.  What you will find is much laughter and energy and a great workout.  If your current workout has become boring and you are looking for something different that is fun, it just might be time to give Zumba, Bollywood or a combination thereof a try.

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