Boomerang Relationships

There are times in a relationship when a couple will break up, realize the break up was a mistake, and then get back together again.  This happens all the time because the reunion is what both parties want.  They have worked out their problems and realize they want to be together.

Then there are the boomerang relationships.  This happens when a couple breaks up and then gets back together again and again.  The boomerang relationship is totally different from a single break up and reunion.  The boomerang type relationship can be one of the most annoying and harmful involvements on the planet.

The question is why do these people keep returning to the relationship, especially if they are going to leave again?  It turns out there are some valid reasons why people do this.

Perhaps you treated your significant other better than he or she has ever been treated before in their life.  You may have spoiled them rotten and given them everything they every wanted.  When they realize how good they had it with you they’ll come creeping back into your life.  Before you know what has happen this other person is comfortably reinstalled in their former position as your partner.  You’ll eventually wake up and realize the relationship is back where it was before and your partner is getting everything he or she wants.  Of course, it is probably only a matter of time before they walk out the door again.

Another reason why a partner comes back into a relationship is because of the great sex.  The two of you may not see eye to eye on most issues, but it is hard to give up a sexual connection when it is so strong.  The old problems will still exist in the relationship and yet the amazing sex between the two of you will keep your ex-partner coming back for more.  The straying partner may want what’s known as a “do over”.   This means he or she has tried some things and decided he has figured out what went wrong or what he or she thought went wrong.  Perhaps there have been several relationships since the break up and he feels he has improved and wants to resume the relationship between the two of you again.  It’s okay to give a reunion a shot.  Usually, the relationship dynamics have not changed that much over time and you will still have the same old problems as before.

Some people cannot stand being single again and will rebound into all sorts of relationships simply because he or she cannot stand being single and alone.  This single person will obviously feel more comfortable with someone familiar with whom they feel connected.  He may find his way back to you in between other relationships.  It is possible you will receive a phone call or text out of the blue from a former partner.  It may be your former partner is simply testing the waters to see how you will react.

It is a fact that there are some reunions that can work out just fine.  This can happen as long as some changes are made in the relationship.  Unless you and your former partner have fundamentally changed, reconciliation is risky.  Many of the same issues are still problems and will crop back up again.

Before you and your former partner jump back into a relationship keep in mind that the two of you broke up for a reason.older-couple-beach-495x329