Build A Strong Immune System

immunA strong immune system is necessary for good health and the ability to fight diseases. Most people are aware cancer cells are present in our bodies.  There are usually not diagnosed until many, many of these cancer cells have grown in our system.  When your immune system is strong it is able to keep these cancer cells from multiplying and forming tumors.  A strong immune system will aid in fighting off other diseases, not just cancer.

The body needs the correct acid-alkali balance.  If your body is in an acidic state illness and disease can thrive.  You can test your acid-alkali balance each morning by using nitrazine paper strips.  First thing in the morning put one strip in your mouth and one strip in the first stream of urine.  Compare the color on your strips to the chart on the back of the box.  You want your PH level to be at least 6.5.  If it is lower than 6.5 PH you need to work at restoring a proper acid-alkali balance.

Consume a diet consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, whole grains with some fresh meat, preferably organic meat.

Start your day with a glass of water in which you have added fresh squeezed lemon juice.  You can also add lemon to your baking and cooking.  It helps maintain and restore a healthy PH level.  Organic apple cyder vinegar is also alkaline like the lemon.

Processed foods, simple carbohydrates, meats and diary are acidic foods.  A good rule of thumb for processed food is if you cannot pronounce an ingredient then do not eat the food.

Sugar is likely the worst thing you can put into your body.  Sugar is followed closely by caffeine.  The sugar weakens your immune system and the caffeine dehydrates you and robs your system of necessary nutrients.  Substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar is probably even worse for you since the artificial sweeteners may be even more toxic to the body.

In order to maintain your proper acid-alkali balance you need sleep to restore your system and balance your hormones.  You  need water to flush toxins from the body and keep it  hydrated.

There are antioxidant vitamins that may help your immune system especially vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

If you do not feed your body the foods needed for cancer cells to grow they will starve.  Not eating the sugar, processed food, meats with added hormones and refined white flour will strengthen the immune system.

Exercise and deep breathing will also help improve your immune system and your health.

As always, before embarking on a new eating plan  or before taking new supplements be sure to consult your health care professional