Buying A Food Processor

81350A food processor may be the most versatile appliance in your kitchen.  It can chop vegetables and nuts, shred cheese and vegetables, knead dough, grind meat, form emulsions and partially puree foods.

The size food processor you buy will depend on the number of people for whom you are preparing food.  Most families will not want to go lower than a processor with a nine cup capacity and many will prefer an 11 or 12 cup capacity.  The measure for the cup capacity is a dry cup and so the liquid measure capacity will be about half of the dry cup capacity.

The work bowl on the food processor will lock onto the base.  There are bowls which are curved and those which have straight sides.  Many cooks prefer to use the bowls where the sides are straight.  With straight sides on the bowl the food that splatters on the wall during the processing quickly falls back down into the bottom of the bowl.  The lid of the food processor bowl will have a feeding tube for adding ingredients when the machine is running.  There will also be a pusher to move the food through the feeding tube.


You want the food processor to have the motor sitting directly under the work bowl and blade and not on the side.  The side mounted motor that attaches with a belt is more prone to failure.  You want to purchase a solid state motor which attaches without a belt directly to the blade shaft.  The motor should probably be at least 600 watts.

Food processors generally have only one motor speed.  You want to be sure the processor has a pulse button in order to give small bursts of power.

Some food processors come with additional attachments such as additional blades of different sizes, smaller task bowls. Disks for slicing and grating foods and even attachments for use as a juicer.  Before you spend the extra money for additional features on your food processor be sure you will actually use them.

It helps with clean up if your food processor parts are dishwasher safe.  Some people still prefer to hand wash the blades to keep them from dulling.

Food processors can make cooking much easier and they should last for a long time.  A good food processor is a little expensive so do your research and determine what size and type food processor is right for meeting the needs of  you and your family