Buying a Toaster and/or Toaster Oven

rrToasters are one of those very basic appliances that have been around for years and still play an important part in making our meal – toasting our bread.  Toasters usually come in either a two slot or four slot type with either regular or wide slots.  They take up little counter space and are great when you just want to toast bread or a bagel.  Toasters do the best job on bagels and browning toast evenly.

When buying a toaster you want to look at finish – does it show lots of fingerprints – making it a chore to keep clean.  If you like to toast bagels does it have a wide slot and does it have a setting for bagels?   Does it have a defrost function?  Is the crumb tray removable?  Are the settings on the front for ease of use?  Does it have a cool touch feature which is safer.  Can you push the lever up when the toast is finished for ease in removing the toast?

You can buy an inexpensive basic toaster for around $20, but you may want to get a little more expensive one which may brown more evenly and last longer.  Toasters now come in more upscale designs than the old boxy style.  They also come in a variety of finishes.

Toaster ovens are designed as mini ovens and while they do toast they are not as efficient as a toaster for this function.  Nor do they do as good a job on bagels or brown toast as evenly as a regular toaster.r5ff

Some toaster ovens will allow you to toast 6 slices of bread at one time.  For a large family a toaster oven is not practical for preparing food.  It works very well for a single person or couple preparing a small amount of food.  It uses much less energy than a range oven and therefore is less expensive to use.

Toaster ovens in addition to toasting will also bake, broil and brown your food.  Toaster ovens come either to be used on the counter or to be mounted under a cabinet.  You can get electronic touch pads on the oven, infrared heating, settings to warm, defrost or reheat food and nonstick oven pans.  Toaster ovens start around $50 for a basic model and go up in price when they have more features.  You can also purchase toaster ovens with a convection oven feature which ups the price considerably.

Toaster ovens take up more space than a toaster.  If you have the room you may want to consider owning a toaster and then the toaster oven for baking or broiling small amounts of food.