Can Cold Temperature Aid In Weight Loss?


Will keeping the thermostate in our homes or offices lower help someone lose weight? Maybe

It is thought that perhaps environmental issues may contribute to overweight. Most of us live and work in places which are warm and comfortable. A recent study in the Netherlands has found that lowering temperatures along with a healthy diet and exercise can promote weight loss.

There are two types of body fat. There is the unhealthy white fat. Then there is brown fat. When the temperature of the body needs to be raised the brown fat will burn the calories needed to raise the temperature. Being cold is the only way known to activate this brown fat. Cold temperature training which is sometimes referred to as acclimatization is thought to increase brown fat in the body.

It is not necessary to freeze in order to benefit from cooler temperatures. Simply lowering the thermostat to about 62 or 63 degrees for several hours each day will help your body burn more calories in order to maintain body heat. In time your body will adjust to lower temperatures and you’ll find you no longer shiver.


Just as you train yourself to do exercise daily you can train yourself to lower your thermostat at times each day in order to expend more energy and burn more calories.

Sleeping in a cold room will cause your body to expend more calories.

There still need to be additional studies to determine the benefit of cold for long term weight loss. The brief study shows promise for cold as a tool to promote losing weight by increasing the body’s metabolism.

You do not want to be exposed to temperatures which are so low that it will cause an extreme loss of body temperature which can present a health problem. Rather, you want exposure to a mild cold which allows your body to expend calories to raise your temperature back to its proper level in a reasonable amount of time.

For those who are interested in losing some weight you may want to try lowering the thermostat and combining this with exercise and a healthy diet. You may just see the scale go down.