Can Retirement Be Bad For Your Health?


Yes! We all know people who looked forward to retirement and then became ill and died shortly after they did retirement. They never had time to enjoy the freedom retirement brings.

Recent studies now indicate that retirement may be bad for your health.

When you are working you are counting down to the time when you will be able to retire and sit back and relax. Simply sitting and relaxing is one of the worst things you can do for your health.

It will probably be much better for you if you can extend your working life for a few years beyond normal retirement age.

If you don’t feel you can continue in your current position then find something to keep you active and engaged in your later years.

When you first retire, for maybe the first year, your health and mentality might indicate signs of improvement. This is especially true if you were employed in a high stress high pressure job. It may also be true if you spent a great deal of time away from your family because of your employment.

After about a year you health may begin to decline. The later years of life are when you develop various aliments and begin to take various medications. Some medications may not agree too well with your system.

When you are retired your income will be less then when you were working. Its true that some your expenses will be less, but you will have other expenses (such as medical) that will increase. A lack of money can lead to depression.   You may have been prudent enough to have put away substantial funds for your retirement. Most people have not been so fortunate.

A good part of your physical activity may have taken place when you were traveling to or from your place of employment plus being active while at work. After you retire you need to make the effort to get in some physical activity each day so you don’t become weak and unable to get around on your own.

There is an old saying that if you don’t use it you will lost it. For older people this is very true. Move the body or you’ll find you no longer have that ability.

You need to use the mind too or the brain may cease to function to its highest ability. When you were working you needed to be mentally alert. You need to continue to do activities which stimulate your brain.

For many folks the people with whom they worked for years were like another family. When you retire you no longer are a part of this work family. You may stay friends with some former co-workers, but you need to find others who are also retired. You need friends who can go for a walk or shop, chat on the phone, attend a movie or lecture, play cards, line dance, have lunch or join you in whatever activities you like. Try not to limit your friends to those in your same age group. It will be much better if you have friends and acquaintances in every age group.

Many retirees enjoy travel. Taking trips are a great way to get out and about and do something that is good for your mental and physical health. If you don’t have a special someone who can travel with you there are many group tours available.

If you can afford it and enjoy it spend time doing volunteer work. Helping others less fortunate should give you a good feeling and make you realize you are still productive and needed.

You can work a part time job. This will keep you from feeling old, alone and washed up. It will also give you a little extra money and a feeling of accomplishment. You will be interacting with others which is very important for your health.

When it is the right time for you retirement can be a really good chapter in your life. You need to be sure you develop a healthy lifestyle while in retirement and don’t simply sit around alone and mope.

Life is what you make it. Being old has its problems, but so does every other chapter in life. Do what you must to make your life in retirement happy, healthy and productive.