Can You Get Paid To Travel? Here’s 8 Ways You Can!

Would you like to travel the world, but your funds cannot support your dream?  There are ways you can realize your dream of world travel and get paid for the experience.  You just need to be willing to work for your travel.  Some opportunities will pay the cost of your room and board and/or your transportation.  Some opportunities will pay for your entire trip.  Other opportunities will pay a salary.

Here are some of the opportunities available for someone who is willing to work and wants to travel:

  1. Teach English – If you have a BA and are a native English speaking person you can earn money teaching English in Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Middle East.  You do not need a degree in English nor do you need a degree in teaching.  It can help if you have a certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).  It does not take long at all to qualify for this certification.
  2. Flight Attendant – Become a flight attendant and you’ll fly somewhere each time you go to work. As a perk you’ll be eligible for free travel benefits not only for yourself, but also for your family.
  3. Destination Wedding Photographer – If you are a good professional photographer you can get paid to travel to various destinations to take the wedding photographs of happy couples on their wedding day.
  4. Write About Travel – You can get paid to travel and do research on the local culture in various places by being a freelance writer or by working as an employee for one of the travel magazines or organizations.
  5. Mystery Shopper – There are opportunities to be a mystery shopper at some vacation spots. These are usually for time shares where you will pretend to be a potential customer and then report back to the company that sends you on the mystery shopping assignment.  You’ll likely need to complete a survey after your trip to let the company know how well the time share staff presented their product.  Usually you will need to have some prior mystery shopping experience such as reviewing some restaurant first.
  6. Cruise Ship – If you like to travel on the water get a job on a cruise ship. There are opportunities for wait staff, housekeeping staff, excursion tour guides and entertainers.  Expect to do a full day’s work, but there are also benefits for the crew such as their own gym, café, dining halls and shops.
  7. Au Pair – You can work as an au pair for a couple with a child or children in a place where you want to live for a period of time. You will be paid room and board, travel and some spending money.  You will be expected to help care for the children in the family for a set time period.  This gives you the opportunity to experience another culture on the local family level.
  8. Transporter – If you are going on a road trip you can earn some extra money by delivering something to a specified destination. If you have room in your vehicle you might transport an animal or small piece of furniture.  With a trailer and hitch you might deliver a boat.  If you are interested you can research companies that need someone to deliver a car to a destination You may not be paid any money to take a car to a destination, but you won’t have to pay a rental car cost and the car comes filled with a tank of gas.