Can You Take Prescription Meds Through Security?



In a word yes. Many people worry they will not be able to carry their prescription medications with them when they are traveling by plane.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has set forth guidelines which allow passengers to travel with prescription and necessary over the counter medications as well as necessary medical supplies. If you have any questions about what is allowed checkk their website.

You are allowed to carry your prescriptions and over the counter medications. You may carry any water or juice needed along with your medication or nutritional supplements such as Ensure. You may carry ice packs if the medication needs to be kept cold. You may carry prescription pills, liquids or injectables. You also may carry supplies required such as pre filled syringes or infusers, etc.

It is a probably safer for you to have your medical necessities in your carryon b ag. You never know when you will encounter an unexpected delay or lost luggage. Some medications have been taken from checked baggage on rare occasions.

When packing put all your medications in the same separate bag so it will be easier for the TSA agent. You will need to declare the medications so it can be examined by the agent. The medications can go through x-ray screening or you can ask for a visual inspection of the medical supplies.


You want the items to be clearly marked. If your medicine is in its original prescription container that is fine. If it is in a different container it will help if you have made a copy of the prescription label and have it with you.

If you are carrying liquids or gels you are allowed to carry the full amount you need and are not limited to the 3 ounce rule usually governing liquids. You must declare these liquids at the security checkpoint when your bag is being screened. You should have your prescription with you. It may also help to have a doctor’s note explaining the need for the liquid.

Supplies needed by those with medical conditions requiring ostomy supplies or mastectomy supplies or other medical conditions are allowed.

You need to declare your medical supplies when you arrive at the checkpoint. You can either do this orally or have it in writing.

If you decide you want to have visual inspection instead of the x-ray you will be the one to handle the medications and show it to the TSA agent for inspection. If your item cannot be cleared visually it will need to go through x-ray.

If you are traveling to a foreign county outside the United States check with the Dept. of State Country information pages to be sure your drugs are legal in the country where you are going. Some drugs which are legal in the United States may not be legal in a foreign country and this can lead to major problems for you.