Car Detailing

Car detailing and car valet services are a growing business today.  Car detailing describes the process of thoroughly cleaning, restoring and finishing a car to produce show quality cleanliness and polish.  Both the exterior of the car and the interior can be detailed.

People know it is important to maintain their cars.  Many people either do not have the time or the experience and knowledge needed to detail their car so they employ the services of an auto detailing service.

The appearance of your car reflects your personality and it reveals a great deal about you.  You want your car to look clean and well maintained.  If you are on a limited budget you might want to detail only the outside of the car and when your funds allow you can have the inside of the car detailed.

On the exterior of the car the wheel rims should be cleaned.  The tires should be washed even if they are not whitewalls.  Then tire dressing should be applied to give tires a shiny look.

There are three popular techniques for detailing the exterior of the car.  The first technique is the clay cleaning.  A simple mixture of a clay base and several abrasives can be used to remove paint contamination from the car’s exterior.  Clay bars can remove common exterior dirt, road grime, bugs, rust, tar and tree sap.

Clay bars act like detergent cleaners.  There are mild clay bars used for minor dirt or stains.  The heavy-duty clay bars are used for heavy dirt and stains.  The detail crew should know what type clay bar is appropriate to use for every situation in order to obtain the best results.

Car polishing is the second technique used by the car detailing crew or technicians.  Polishing can remove the contaminations, scratches, swirls and other paint imperfections.  The car polishes can penetrate the clearcoat on the car allowing intense cleaning.  Polishing gives your car a nice shiny look.

The third technique for the exterior car detailing is waxing.  After the car is polished then it is waxed.  Waxing is the finishing process for auto detailing.  Car wax is available as cream, liquid or paste.  The wax will protect the finish of the car.  It will protect the car’s finish from the harsh effects and contaminations from the environment.

When the interior of the car is detailed the mats are removed and the mats, floor, upholstery, dash, trunk and rear shelf are vacuumed.  The carpet is cleaned and the floor mats are washed and dried.  Dust is removed from the dash, doors, grills and any crevices.  All-purpose cleaner is used to clean hard surfaces.  The seats are cleaned and if they are leather they may be conditioned.  Mirrors and interior windows are cleaned.

Some people may want a more personal car service and prefer a valet service where the detailer will come to their home to take care of their car needs.

There are times when an individual will undertake to detail their own car.  This is a less costly alternative, but you want to be very careful choosing the products you use.  You do not want to use the wrong product and cause damage to your car.  To avoid any problems or damage to your car be sure to follow all instructions carefully on the products you are using.