Collecting Figurines 

Many people enjoy collecting figurines.  Figurine collections adorn the shelves, dressers and display areas of countless homes.  There are many types and styles of figurines that people can purchase to build a personal collection.  One of the most popular collectible figurines in the world is the Precious Moments figurines.  These doe-eyed boys and girls made in pastel […]

Make Your Own Bottle Candles 

If you like scented bottle candles you can easily make your own at home.  Why spend several dollars to purchase a ready-made jar candle when it is fun and easy to do it yourself?  In fact, when your friends and family see your bottle candle they may want you to make one for them.  You can start a profitable […]

Antique Firearms 

If you are a collector of antique firearms, or if you want to start collecting antique firearms, the auctions online, such as eBay, offer firearms from days long past. At the online auctions you will find people who are selling antique firearms.  Firearms are usually considered antiques after they are 50 years old. Some firearms may be considered antiques […]