Roast Leg of Lamb 

Leg of lamb is a delicate, tender meat.  Many people have never enjoyed this particular type of meat, but once they have tried the lamb they enjoy it.  Here is a recipe for roasting a leg of lamb.  There are also a few suggestions for side dishes you may want to prepare to go with the leg of […]

Bird Watching 

Bird watching is an enjoyable pastime that anyone can enjoy. You can enjoy watching the birds from a window of your home or you can venture to far away places to enjoy the birds.  Bird watching is a hobby that can be experienced by yourself or it can be shared with family and friends.  Many people who […]

Enjoy A Hiking And Camping Adventure 

If you are someone who enjoys being outdoors and likes to be active, then a hiking and camping trip may be just what you need.  Hiking and camping can be done alone or with family, friends or that special someone.  Both hiking and camping are fun filled activities.  When combined they make the perfect get […]