Deciding On A Home Based Business

Many people today are thinking of starting a home-based business.  They may be looking for extra income to supplement their present employment or they may be looking for a home-based business as their sole source of income. There are lots of options open to the entrepreneur who starts his own business.  To help you decide […]

Rid Yourself Of Writers Block

Everyone who writes will at some time encounter writers block.  No matter how much you want to write you simply are experiencing a dry spell and cannot come up with any ideas.  You will sit in front of the computer and you are not able to put any words together that make sense for the […]

How To Get What You Want From Others

If you know how to properly use it attraction is a very powerful tool to get what you want. When you know how to do it, getting others to do what you want is not hard.  Everyday people interact with each other.  Usually it is because one person needs or wants something from the other […]

Choosing A Financial Advisor

In order to achieve a happy secure financial future you need to set your financial goals.  Where do you hope to be financially in five years, ten years or at retirement?  What about the financial resources to help you child or children with a college education? It is possible to set up your own financial […]

Speaking In Public

Speaking before a group of people is one of the most common fears many people face.  At some time in your life you will be faced with the challenge of speaking in public.  It may just be a simple toast at a friend’s wedding.  You may have to make a presentation to a class when […]

Some Helpful Tips For Closing That Deal

You may have awesome services to sell, but you are unable to close the deal with prospective customers.  There are several reasons why you are not successful and are unable to secure contracts.  If you are not speaking effectively and conveying your services to the prospect this is a reason you will not sell your […]

How to Be More Successful At Networking

In order to grow a successful business you need to connect with other people.  You have an excellent opportunity to interact with other professionals having similar interests when you participate in professional networking events.  Networking events give you access to others who can help you develop profitable relationships. Although participating in networking events is imperative […]

How Does Your Credit Score Compare to The Average Score?

Your credit is very important.  It can have an influence whether you get the job for which you have applied, if you will be approved for your mortgage or car loan, if you can rent the apartment you want and many other things. The average credit score in the United States is 690.  The range […]

Running A Creative Business

Running your own creative business is not easy.  There will be many challenges to overcome.  Perhaps the biggest challenge will be how to be creative and also be successful. When you are starting your business development plans focus on one area and become very good at it.  You want to develop a business based on […]

Should You Take A Position As a Resident Assistant (RA)?

The obvious reason for seeking a position as a resident assistant (RA) at college is for free housing and/or a monthly stipend.  This may be an attractive option if money is tight.  It may be better than taking on more student loans, living at home while attending school or even dropping out of college. There […]