Home and Garden Furniture 

You’ve enclosed a large patio with glass and screens so it can be used as a room.  You’ve carpeted the floor with indoor/outdoor carpeting, installed ceiling fans and perhaps air conditioning.  You may even have installed a fireplace and set aside a portion of the area as a kitchen which is stand alone and separate from […]

Outdoor Furniture 

When the days start getting longer, the temperature starts getting warmer and the birds start to return, many people think about getting their patio, deck, porch and/or lawn ready for use during the coming warm months.   There are all types of furniture available for use outdoors.  The materials, styles and prices vary greatly depending on […]

Decorate Your Home With A Candle Wall Sconce 

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, you might want to consider candle wall sconces.  Interior decorators often suggest wall sconces as a way to accentuate a room.   You will find candle sconces available in all lightening stores.  You can find a large selection of candle wall sconces online.  There are many retailers […]