Diabetes And Depression 

Everyone feels down once in awhile and this is normal.  However, some people feel down most of the time, and this feeling of hopelessness and sadness simply will not go away.    When they are first diagnosed with diabetes many people are overwhelmed.  They have to adjust to lots of new information, new medications, frequent doctor visits, a change in their […]

Eye Complications And Diabetes

People suffering with diabetes can be at risk for developing several other health conditions.  A diabetic’s body does not process sugars and starches in the same manner as a non-diabetic person.  Often, the diabetic cannot properly use the sugars and starches they ingest, and this causes a high level of sugar in the blood. High […]

Diabetes And Complications With Teeth

People with diabetes are not able to process sugars and starches effectively and so their blood glucose levels are often too high.  Having high glucose levels in the blood can lead to many health complications. These health complications may affect the kidneys, heart, blood, eyes and even the central nervous system.  People with diabetes need […]


More and more people are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  This is a serious problem and the disease is potentially life threatening.  Type II Diabetes usually is a problem as one ages.  However, in recent years an increasing number of younger people are developing type II diabetes.  Pre-diabetes is a condition where the blood […]

Diabetes Symptoms 

A diagnosis of diabetes is generally determined by the concentration of glucose in the blood.  When your blood glucose level is too high you are considered to have diabetes.  With diabetes there is not enough insulin to break ingested glucose into cells.  For this reason, the glucose remains in the blood and damages blood vessels.  It can remain in the […]