Follow Your Flying Dream

You dream of becoming a pilot and flying into the clouds.  You know that learning to fly is going to be challenging and will take a good amount of time and effort.  In addition, learning to fly is going to be expensive. Attending a flight school costs money.  The schools are staffed by highly trained […]

Hobbies Add To Retirement Enjoyment

Perhaps you have been thinking about retirement for many years.  You’ve faithfully been saving money in order to maintain your lifestyle after you retire.  Money is, of course, the number one factor when planning for retirement.  But, have you given any thought to the time you will have after you retire?  How do you plan […]

Hearing Aids

People have been using hearing aids for decades.  There are many reasons why a person may develop a hearing loss.    It could be the result of an accident or perhaps some medication, an illness or they may have had hearing loss since birth.  Even exposure to constant, loud noises that pierce the eardrums can cause […]

Simplify Holiday Cooking 

For most of us the holiday season is hectic, stressful, chaotic and wonderful.  We go from one “to do” list to another wondering how we are ever going to get everything accomplished.  With everything that is going on it is likely that you are either super stressed because you are obsessively over organized, or you are going to be super stressed because you […]

Teach Your Child Some Manners 

Teaching your child to have good manners is very important.  You want to start with a few basic manners when the child is still young, but old enough to understand what you are saying.  Children learn by example.  They will do what they see their parents doing.  So, if you are demonstrating good manners then […]

Isometric Exercises 

If you want to get in shape and lose weight there are only two things you need.  Those two things are a good diet and exercise.  There is no quick fix, no miracle drug and no surgery that will allow you to be a couch potato and eat whatever you want and still get in […]

Credit Card Fraud Alert

Identity theft and fraudulent use of someone’s credit card is a big problem.  If you have been unfortunate enough to lose your credit card or have been a victim of someone stealing your card then you need to know about the credit card fraud alert. If your credit card has been either lost or stolen […]

Talk With Your Child About Stranger Danger

It is unfortunate that children are in danger of being abducted by strangers.  Every day there are approximately 2,100 reports of children being missing.  Of course, these or not all stranger abductions.  However, it is important that children learn to be wary of people they don’t know.  Most young children are friendly and talk and […]

 Keep To Your Fitness Routines When Pregnant 

Quite a few years ago it was thought that women should take it easy and not engage in fitness activities when they were pregnant.  If the woman had been physically active before pregnancy then she could continue some of these activities.  If she had not been physically active she was told not to start while pregnant.  Clinical studies have indicated […]

Things To Consider When Deciding On A Brokerage Account 

You have decided it’s time to look into investing some of your funds.  Most people use the services of a stock broker for buying and selling in the stock market.    You will need to explore some information regarding brokerage accounts before you can make an informed decision about which broker is right for you.  To be better prepared to make this […]