Plan For A More Secure Financial Future

Most people feel that they could use more money.  The trick is knowing how to generate more money. Some people would like to have more money, but they do not have the passion to commit to a plan for their future.  If you are planning, getting ready and then not starting your plan it won’t […]

Organize Your Personal Monthly Bills and Paperwork

Many people now receive most of their monthly bills online.  However, some people still prefer to receive bills and other information in paper form. If you are frustrated by having to look for a bill in order to pay it, or if you are being hit with late fees for missing a due date, some […]

Use Time Management To Your Advantage

Everyone is unique and has a different goal in mind.  For this reason, managing time will vary for each person. What works for me may not work for you.  Basically, time management is setting goals and then planning how to reach these goals. One important aspect of time management is learning how to manage ourselves.  […]


Perhaps your financial circumstances have changed and you find yourself overwhelmed with debt.  You know that many people file for bankruptcy when they are in a similar financial position and you wonder if you should file for bankruptcy too.  The companies that are selling bankruptcy services make it sound like filing for bankruptcy is a […]

Credit Repair And Credit Card Debt

If your credit is not what it should be now is the time to take control of your financial life.  If you think you don’t need to have good credit because you already have your mortgage and a great car, think again.  Do you realize that if you have poor credit you will be paying […]

Declutter For Easier Spring Cleaning

You know its Spring when the weather turns warmer, the sun shines brighter, the trees begin showing their leaves and the early plants start to bloom.  For some folks, Spring means it’s time for a deep cleaning of their home.  Windows are washed, every corner of the home is washed, vacuumed, and polished, clothes in […]

Stop Selling And Improve Your Sales

When you are someone who earns a living in sales you have one of the most challenging Jobs in the world.  Many people are attracted to sales because they think it will be an easy profession. Others are attracted to sales because they like the challenge.  They want to be able to survive and grow […]

Making Money Online

Many people are looking for a way to make easy, fast money online.  They may be over their head in debt or they may be having some other type of financial problems.  Others may want to make extra money to have a financial cushion. There are others who simply want out of the rat race.  […]

Can The Credit Card Company Sue You?

Can the credit card company sue you if you do not pay your debt?  The short answer to that question is yes.  When you signed up for your credit card you signed a legal document agreeing to pay the money you owe.  If you go long enough without paying your bill the credit card company […]

Improve A Poor Credit History

Maintaining a good credit history is important.  How good your credit history is will determine whether or not you are approved for a mortgage, car loan, even an apartment lease or a new employment opportunity.  The better your credit history, the lower interest rate you will be charged when you are approved for that loan. […]