Hair Loss and Biotin 

Its natural for some hair loss when you brush or comb your hair.  Its also natural to find some hair that has shed onto your pillow during the night when you are sleeping.  What is not natural is for your hair to fall out in such large amounts that it leads to very thin hair.  Excessive […]

Stay Younger Longer 

Everyone is going to age whether they are ready for it or not.  There are, however, some habits you can change, and some lifestyle changes you can make, in order to delay the aging process.  First, if you are a smoker you need to quit.  Smoking speeds up the aging process.  Smoking has many health risks and can lower […]


Although dandruff is one of the most common scalp problems, there is no precise cause for dandruff.  Since there is no precise cause for dandruff there is no cure for the problem. However, dandruff can be treated whenever it shows.  Everyone hates the falling white flakes and the itching scalp that comes with dandruff.  People try […]

Tips For Healthy Hair 

It is important to strive for healthy hair.  Healthy hair looks very attractive and greatly adds to your appearance.    Healthy hair mirrors your good health.  Often people do not take into consideration the need for maintaining good health when they think about their hair.  The food you eat will have a bearing on whether or not your […]

Long Hair 

Some women when they become new mothers find that life is much more hectic.  Some even decide that life will be easier, and time will be saved if they cut their long hair short.  There is no reason why Moms need to have short hair if they prefer wearing it long.  If you like your long hair […]

Myths About Hair Loss 

There are numerous myths regarding the reasons for hair loss and the treatments available.  Some of these myths are perpetuated by companies hoping to sell their hair loss prevention products.  Many people are willing to spend lots of money in hopes that one of these hair loss prevention products will work for them.  Often, these […]

Change Your Hair Color 

If you have always wanted to try a new hair color there are lots of products available to allow you to make this change.  Hair coloring usually comes in four categories.  These are temporary coloring, semi-permanent coloring, deposit only/demi-permanent coloring and permanent coloring.  You will need to do a patch test to be sure you are not […]

Hair Loss – Causes and Treatment

On a typical day you may lose about 100 hairs. This shedding hair is normal.   If you are experiencing significant hair loss you may lose even more than the 100 hairs.  When people think of hair loss usually they think it happens to men.  It also occurs in women. The life span for new growing […]

Hey Girl, Does Your Haircut Make You Look Less Attractive?

  We all know that when we have a flattering haircut we feel good and feel more attractive and confident. The wrong type haircut can make us feel dowdy and frumpy since we think we look unattractive. You should not find a picture of a model or actress and decide you must have that haircut. […]

Ladies, Here’s How To Wash Your Hair Correctly!

We all wash our hair. The question is are we washing our hair correctly? The way you wash your hair can make a big difference in the way your hair looks. Properly washing your hair may leave you with silky shiny tresses. Washing your hair the wrong way may make it appear dull and lifeless. […]