Organize Your Garage

Some people have garages, but they are so full of stuff there is no room to park the car.  If this problem reminds you of your garage it is time to get to work and organize the space.  Organizing the garage can be a long tiresome task.  The sooner you get started – the better. […]

Forget Excuses – Time To Get Rid Of Clutter

Many of us hold onto clutter and we have various excuses why we retain this stuff.  We know having too much stuff is a real problem.  Unwanted and unneeded stuff takes up lots of storage space that could be put to a better use.  We all have various reasons why we hold onto stuff. Some […]

Tips For Home Organization

If you are sick and tired of living in a clutter home, if you have finally decided to tackle the clutter once and for all – here are a few tips you will want to follow. Make it a habit to touch something only once. This means that when you have a dirty dish you […]

Declutter For Easier Spring Cleaning

You know its Spring when the weather turns warmer, the sun shines brighter, the trees begin showing their leaves and the early plants start to bloom.  For some folks, Spring means it’s time for a deep cleaning of their home.  Windows are washed, every corner of the home is washed, vacuumed, and polished, clothes in […]

Storing Your Coffee

The best way to store your coffee beans or your ground coffee is in a cool dry place in an airtight container.  Store the container away from light, moisture and heat.  Ideally, you will have an airtight container to use for coffee storage.  If you do not have an airtight container then securely close the […]

Stop Selling And Improve Your Sales

When you are someone who earns a living in sales you have one of the most challenging Jobs in the world.  Many people are attracted to sales because they think it will be an easy profession. Others are attracted to sales because they like the challenge.  They want to be able to survive and grow […]

Remove Stains From Baby Cloths

Everyone who has been in contact with a baby knows that they are messy.  They get stuff all over their clothing. Some of the ways we remove stains from adult clothing will not be suitable to use for baby clothing.  Babies clothing is different than the adult clothing and the babies skin is much more […]

Everyone Has A Different Reason For Organizing Their Home

When it comes to having an organized home, everyone has a different reason.  Some folks are interested in maintaining their neat orderly residence and do not want to allow any clutter to accumulate. Other families have piles upon piles of clutter.  They have a big mess, but think all they really need is more storage.  […]

Percolator Coffee

Years ago, just about every home had a percolator coffee pot perched on the back of the stove.  At that time there were no electric coffee makers or pod coffee makers.  The percolator was filled in the morning and sometimes it simmered on the burner all day.  The coffee would get stronger and stronger as […]

Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Use

When is the best time to get rid of the stuff taking up valuable real estate in your home.  Of course, you can get rid of clutter anytime.  However, there are times in life when it just makes sense to clean house and get rid of things you no longer use. When you are moving […]