Fried Chicken, Honey Fried Chicken & Fried Chicken with Milk Gravy 

  Fried Chicken  1 4 lb. cut up chicken or 3-4 lbs. of the chicken pieces you prefer   2 cups flour1 cup buttermilk  1 teas, paprikasalt & pepper to taste  Oil for frying  Place the flour with the paprika, salt & pepper in a plastic bag and shake to combine.  Place the butter milk in a bowl and dip […]

Crockpot aka Slow Cooker Recipes 

The hot weather months are when the living should be easy and relaxed. What better way to relax and still prepare a delicious dish then using your crockpot or slow cooker?  Here are a few recipes you might enjoy.  Crockpot Ravioli  1 ½ lb. lean ground beef 1 medium onion, chopped  1 clove garlic minced 2 8oz cans […]

Vegetable Casserole Dishes 

Here are a few recipes that are not very hard to make.  You assemble the ingredients in a casserole dish and bake in the oven.  Scalloped Zucchini  2 small zucchinis. peeled and diced 1 egg  ¼ cup whole milk1 oz pepper cheese  1 small onion, chopped 1-2 slices bread torn into small pieces  4 oz fresh or canned, […]

Summertime Recipes 

When the weather turns warm we are looking for recipes that are a little lighter and are easy to prepare.    Here are a few suggestions for some delicious warm weather foods you might like to try.  Big, sweet, juicy cherries are plentiful in the produce section of your favorite store.  Cherries can be added to […]

Wedding Crafts 

A wedding is a happy, joyous, wonderful occasion.   Planning a wedding can become very expensive, very quickly.  One way to keep the price for the wedding reasonable and at the same time add personal touches to the occasion is with wedding crafts.  Wedding crafts can add sparkle and creativity to your special day.  Creating the wedding veil […]

Tips For Fast Weight Loss 

You want to get rid of some pounds and you want to do it quickly.  The real trick is no only to lose those excess pounds, but to keep those extra pounds off for good.  If you only have a few pounds to lose, then you might want to try one of the many quick […]

Stay Younger Longer 

Everyone is going to age whether they are ready for it or not.  There are, however, some habits you can change, and some lifestyle changes you can make, in order to delay the aging process.  First, if you are a smoker you need to quit.  Smoking speeds up the aging process.  Smoking has many health risks and can lower […]

Model Trains 

If you are thinking about starting a model train layout you will first need to know how much space you have for the track.  Model trains come in several different sizes referred to as the scale.  The scale refers to the size of the model train in comparison with the real thing.  Here are just […]

Tips To Help Prevent A Hangover 

If you plan to indulge in a night of drinking you might want to take a few steps to try and prevent a hangover the next morning. Of course, the best way to prevent a hangover is to not drink too much.  That said, if you want to try and feel human in the morning […]

Fertility Test 

Infertility is a problem that affects many couples.  If a couple wants a child and have not been able to conceive because of infertility the problem often weighs continuously on the individuals.   Infertility is a problem that can affect anyone regardless of their economic or social status, their age, religion, or their ethnic background.  Medical science […]