Change Your Hair Color 

If you have always wanted to try a new hair color there are lots of products available to allow you to make this change.  Hair coloring usually comes in four categories.  These are temporary coloring, semi-permanent coloring, deposit only/demi-permanent coloring and permanent coloring. 

You will need to do a patch test to be sure you are not allergic to the product for all the hair coloring types except the temporary coloring. The temporary hair coloring coats the hair and does not penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair.  This temporary coloring can be removed by shampooing.  The temporary hair color is available as a rinse, shampoo, gel, etc.  This type of hair coloring is good if you want to brighten your hair color or you want a short change, or you want to go with something bright like orange, blue or green hair. 

The semi-permanent hair coloring lasts thorough about 8-14 shampoos.  The semi-permanent coloring does not need any developer and does not lighten the hair.  This hair coloring deposits color on the hair shaft.   

The demi-permanent hair coloring blends in some gray and makes the hair shiny.  It penetrates the hair shaft slightly.  This type of hair coloring has a mild, creamy developer, not the harsher developer of a permanent hair coloring product. 

Permanent hair coloring is mixed with a developer and remains in the hair shaft until new hair grows.  This type of hair coloring usually contains peroxide, ammonia, or oxidative tints.  The permanent hair coloring is good for lightening hair, changing hair color and covering gray hair.  

If you are allergic to the hair dye a reaction will probably occur every time you color your hair and each time it may get worse. 

If you want to make a color change and don’t want to change your entire head of hair you might want to try something like highlighting.  For best results highlighting should probably be done by a professional.  Highlighting can be either permanent or temporary. 

Many people color their own hair using products available over the counter.  If you are going to do this make sure you take your patch test.  Sometimes there are negative results from amateurs coloring their own hair.  These include your hair color result not coming out as the color you expected.   Your hair strands breaking.  Some loss of hair and perhaps a dry scalp.  However, many people color their own hair successfully all the time. 

If you want a change of hair color consulting with a professional hair colorist may be a good idea.   This is especially true if you have never used a hair coloring product before.  A professional will be able to guide you on the type of hair coloring you should use as well as give you some advice on an appropriate hair color for your skin tone. 

Changing your hair color and becoming the person you want to be is not a dream.  It is something that is easily within your reach.  All you need is some hair coloring to achieve your new look.