Child Proof Your Home

childproofHaving a young child in your home is a joy, but it brings an awesome responsibility.  Just one of the necessary things to do is to make your home as childproof as possible.  When a child starts to crawl and then walks around he has no concept of danger.  Its up to the adult to see the dangers are eliminated as much as possible.  Never leave your child unattended when he or she is exploring.

When you baby is just crawling around you need to be sure all electrical outlets are covered with protectors so the baby cannot stick anything into them (including their fingers). Tie up any electrical cords to avoid the chance of a baby strangling.   Put edge or corner bumpers on the edge of the fireplace hearth or a sharp furniture corner to prevent injury.  Use a baby gate to confine the little one to a particular area.  Also, use a baby gate at the top and bottom of staircases.  Babies may want to try their hand at climbing up the stairs or they may fall down them.

As the child gets a little older and starts to cruise or walk around you’ll want to be sure any chemicals or dangerous household products or medicines are kept up high out of reach of the little one.  You may want to use a latch on the cupboard where you are storing these chemicals.  You may want to use latches on all your cupboards and drawers to eliminate the chance for the child to open them and get hurt. You may want to move the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to the second or third step so baby can begin exploring and climbing stairs (with you in attendance).

Using doorknob covers and door locks will help keep your child from getting out of the home.  Door holders and door stops will keep your doors from catching the child’s fingers.

Toilet locks will keep the lid closed to the child can’t lean over and fall into the toilet.  Be sure any electrical appliances such as an iron or hair dryer is unplugged when not being used so the child cannot burn himself.  Also be sure any hot pots on a stove are out of the little explorers reach.

It’s a good idea to move furniture away from any windows that are high off the ground so your child does not run the risk of climbing on the furniture and then falling out a window that may be open with just a screen.  Cords on window blinds can also cause a problem with young children.  You may want to shorten the cords or attach plastic to the ends which can be attached to the walls.  You may also want to consider replacing blinds with cords with those that use plastic wands that are child safe.

Furniture that looks solid may not hold up to a child pulling himself up on it.  There are child safe products that will allow you to attach the furniture to a wall.

While the child is young remove items that can break or harm him.  You may also want to designate some rooms which have hazards as off limits.

Some other things to consider are having a cordless phone so you don’t need to leave the child to go answer the phone.  Of course, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on every floor of the home.

These are some of the basic tips for childproofing your home.  As time goes on you will discover what additional precautions work in your situation.