Choosing A Flight Training School 

You have decided you want to become a pilot.  It’s time to choose the flight school you will attend to reach this goal.  There are many flight schools, so how do you decide which school to attend. 

There is an internet site dedicated to helping you choose a flight school.  This site is  This site has listings for every state and links to web sites where you can learn more about the facilities offered at each school. 

There are basically two kinds of flight schools.  The first is the Part 141 school.  This school follows a very strict curriculum laid out by the FAA.  Every Part 141 school operates exactly the same way.  If you decide to change schools or teachers sometime during the training and go to another Part 141 school, you can simply pick up where your left off since the training at each school is identical. 

The second type flight school is referred to as Part 61.  This type school offers a greater variety in the way their material is presented, the order in which the material is presented, and how you learn the material.  Part 61 schools can use more creativity in how they teach you.   

Neither school is superior to the other.  Pilot’s license testing is standardized so both schools will get you to the same point.  A Part 141 school will give you the security that they are completely governed by the FAA and there will be no disruption to training if you transfer to a different Part 141 school.  The Part 61 school can customize the training to you so if you need extra help in a particular area they can be flexible and make sure they cover this training in greater depth. 

When choosing your flight school you want to check that the school is well equipped to provide the equipment you need to complete your training to be a pilot.  You want a school where the instructors have everything they need.  Be sure the teacher has the necessary books and other equipment needed to get you ready for your written pilot’s license. 

Be sure the flight school has the airplanes for your training flights and eventually the solo flights you much have to go before the FAA and seek your pilot’s license. 

You want to know that the flight school’s airplanes are in good repair and that there are facilities so the school always has planes to take up for your training even if some planes are in hangers for repairs. 

Don’t hesitate to visit the flight school, inspect the classrooms and talk with the instructors before deciding on your flight school. Your flight instructor should have a good resume of accomplishments both flying for a living and working in the airline industry.  You also want an instructor who is able to pass information to the his or her student, so the student can gain the knowledge necessary to become a licensed pilot. 

You need to ask questions.  You need to know the cost of training, including supplemental costs such as books, training materials, fuel surcharges and flight time fees. 

Once you have completed your evaluation of flight schools you should have a good idea of what the various schools have to offer.  You should now be able to make the right choice for a flight school that will help you achieve your dream of becoming a licensed pilot.