Choosing a Litter Box

litterIf you share  your home with a cat or cats then  you know you also need to share your home with one or more litter boxes.  A good rule of thumb is to have at least one litter box for each cat in the home plus one extra.  If your home has multiple floors you should have litter boxes on each floor.

Cats are very particular and have definite preferences on their litter box and the type litter used.  They also want the litter box to be kept clean.

Litter boxes come in various sizes and colors and with or without covers.  You need to be sure the litter box is large enough for the cat to use it comfortably.  The sides should be high enough to keep the litter from flying out when the cat scratches it, but not too high for a small cat or kitten to enter easily.  You want to give the cat some privacy for his litter box so a quiet space away from air vents or heat vents and away from his food and water dishes is ideal.  There are many different types of cat litter.  Some litter clumps making it easier to scoop the solid litter.   Cats will be hesitant to use a litter box they do not like and they will object to using litter they don’t like either.  They can also be picky about the depth of the litter  You  may need to try several different types of litter  at different depths before you find the right fit for your cat.

There are also automatic litter boxes which will clean the litter after each use.  If you really hate cleaning the litter box this may be the answer for you.  The automatic litter box uses the clumping type litter.  It cleans the waste into a receptacle the cat cannot access.  After the cat has finished using the litter box the sensor will wait several minutes and then clean the waste away either by raking or sweeping.  The automatic litter box uses either regular garbage bags to contain the waste or special containers depending on the system you choose.  A quiet automatic litter box may be more acceptable to your cat.  Just as the regular litter boxes are available in open or covered boxes so are the automatic ones.  Prices for the automatic litter boxes range from $45 to $100.  Be sure to check the warranty before you purchase an automatic box.

All litter boxes need to be washed regularly.  Do not use bleach or strong smelling detergent as your cat probably will be put off by the harsh smell.