Choosing A Single Serve Coffee Maker

Many people are choosing to use the single service coffee maker.  These systems are very small and take up very little room on the counter or on the edge of your desk at work. With the single service coffee maker you can quickly satisfy your urge for one cup of coffee without the hassle of making a full regular size pot of coffee and waiting for it to brew.

There are two types of single serve coffee makers.  There is the single cup coffee maker. These coffee makers sometimes are designed to make either one or two cups of coffee at a time.  They are easy to use and take up little space. You buy the machine and use a filter and standard coffee to brew your beverage. Some single serve coffee makers come with your own mug when you buy the machine.

The single serve coffee maker is inexpensive and reliable.  However, it is not very interesting.

The other option is the single service pod system coffee maker.  These single service machines are designed to use a single pod to brew a cup of coffee.  With this system, you simply take a pod from the packaging, place it in the machine and it will brew your coffee into your cup.  When the process is complete, you just throw away the pod into the trash.  Some pod systems are made to make two cups of coffee at one time.

This type of machine is very popular because of its convenience and because it allows you the choice of numerous varieties of coffee.  Pods are available in all kinds of flavors, varieties and types.  Each pod is sealed so it will stay fresh unlike a regular package of coffee which can get stale after it is opened.  Every time you decide to brew a cup of coffee you can decide what kind of coffee you want.

If you want to experiment with several types and flavors of coffee there is no problem with storage since the pods take up very little space.  If you are using several different bags of regular coffee, they will take up much more space in your cabinet and they may go stale before you have used them up.

There are many manufacturers of the pod coffee systems and numerous coffee pods available.  Some machines require you to use their pod system while other machines are compatible with any pod system.  You will need to do your research to determine which system is right for you.  You don’t want to purchase a system and then find it is not exactly what you wanted.  The systems are not inexpensive and the pods will be more expensive than the regular coffee package.  Some pod systems will permit you to add a normal filter to the machine and use the machine as a single serve machine with your own ground coffee.

You are the one who needs to determine which type of single serve coffee maker will best suit your needs.  You may decide to have both systems.  Whichever system you decide to buy be on the lookout for bargains and sales.  If you shop around you will be able to get bargains on the systems and on the pods as well.  When you find a bargain you may want to buy the pods in bulk.