Choosing The Best Dog Food For Your Dog

dogfoodFeeding your dog a healthy diet is one of the most important ways to maintain his health and keep him happy.  Since the price of pet food is usually dependent on the quality of the ingredients it is good to buy the best dog food you can afford.   By law all dog food needs to provide all the nutrients needed by your pet.

You want to buy wet or dry dog food that lists a protein such as fish, meat, poultry or eggs as the first ingredient, if possible.  For dry dog food protein can be listed as the third, fourth or fifth ingredient.  Although a preservative may be necessary the food should be free of chemicals which can harm your pet especially things like Ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA.  There are more natural preservatives available to use in the food.  You  do not want food with artificial color and/or artificial flavors.

You also need to watch out for cheap fillers in the dog food.    A good ratio for the ingredients in dog food may be 50% meat and 50% vegetables.

For dry dog food whole grains such as brown rice, rolled oats, quinoa, etc. will provide more vitamins and minerals which will be good sources of energy for  your pet.

Some animals prefer the wet food, some prefer the dry food and some love the dry food mixed with the wet food.  The food you chose should depend on the stage of life of your dog.  Food is available especially formulated for puppies, adult dogs and seniors.  There are also formulas for various medical conditions such as arthritis, allergies, obesity or digestive concerns.

Just as people have food preferences so do dogs.  Some may prefer beef flavors and some may prefer chicken.  You will need to follow your pet’s lead when it comes to the food he wants to eat.

If you are planning to change the dog’s food it is a good idea to do it very gradually so he can adjust.  Try mixing small portions of the new food with his old food and then increase the percentages of the new food until you have changed.

Some people prefer to make their own food for their dog.  There are recipes available for making your own dog food.  Be sure to check with your vet for the proper percentages of meat and vegetables and grains.  Dogs were not meant to be vegetarians so be sure to check with your vet if you plan to put your dog on a vegetarian diet.

Some people foods such as chocolate, grapes, white flour  are not suitable for a dog and may cause your pet distress.

A healthy diet along with exercise will go a long way toward a happy active life for your dog.