Choosing The Right Cat Food For Your Cat

catfoodCats have very definite dietary needs.  Cats are carnivores and in order to maintain a healthy life they need a diet rich in protein.  When a cat needs to find his own food it is going to be a source of good protein.  Therefore, when we are providing cat food for our pet it is important we provide this source of high quality protein.  Cats systems depend on receiving good sources of protein and they cannot operate well with poor sources of protein that does not provide all the nutrients they need.

When purchasing cat food for your pet you want a protein such as meat, fish, chicken, turkey or eggs as either the first or second ingredient.  Low quality cat food will provide only a lower grade of protein and although the lower quality may be less expensive to purchase your cat will require more of the food in order to get his necessary protein.

Minimum nutrition needs for cats has been determined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, AAFCO.  Cat foods should indicate on the label that the food meets or exceeds the levels established by the AAFCO.  Many cat foods in addition to indicating their food meets these standards also state on their product that the food provides 100% balanced nutrition for the cat.  Also, listed on the cat food products are suggested feeding amounts for the cat.

Cat food is available for various stages of a cat’s life such as kitten, adult or senior.  There is also cat food available for cats with health problems such a digestive problems, obesity, urinary tract problems or diabetes.  There is also cat food formulated to help an adult cat maintain his ideal weight.

You want to read the label on the back of the cat food to be sure it does not contain harmful chemicals such as BHT, BHA or Ethoxyquin.  You also do not want by-products, artificial flavors or artificial colors in the food.

Cat food is available as wet (canned) food, dry food or semi-moist food.  Dry food typically comes in a bag and the semi-moist food comes in a pouch.  Either the dry or semi-moist food can be left out for the cat to eat whenever he chooses.  The wet cat food is fed at regulars time each day.

Cats have very definite ideas on when they want to eat and what they want to eat.  Some cats want only canned (wet) cat food.  Other cats want only dry cat food and still other want the semi-moist cat food.  Some cats prefer a combination of wet and dry food either separate or mixed together.  Some cats like to have the dry food or kibble available for them whenever the want it.  Others want the dry food served on a particular schedule the same with the semi-moist food and the wet cat food.

For a cat to maintain a long healthy life he needs to have a good, easily digestible diet that provides for his nutritional requirements.