Cleaning Silk Flowers

Including some beautiful flowers will bring instant color and beauty to a room.  Fresh flower arrangements or fresh flowers in a nice vase are very pleasing to the eye.  However, there are some people who are allergic to fresh flowers and cannot have them in the home.  Others have pets who may become ill if they eat the fresh flowers.  Buying fresh flowers is expensive and they do not last very long.

If you want the color and beauty of flowers in a room without the concern for allergies or pets then you might want to consider silk flowers.  The initial outlay for buying silk flowers can be expensive, but these flowers will last for years if proper care is taken.  You don’t want to put some silk flowers in a vase or put an arrangement on a table and then forget about the flowers.  They are not going to wilt, but they will gather dust.  A layer of dust gathered in the leaves and petals of silk flowers will make them lose their beauty and shine. The dust can also trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Keeping silk flowers clean is not difficult. If you give them a light feather dusting every week, they will continue to look as beautiful and new as the day you purchased them.  It’s a good idea to give your silk flowers a thorough cleaning about every six months.

Here are suggestions for cleaning your silk flowers.

Remove a blossom from a place in the arrangement which will not be noticed.  Then place this blossom under cool running tap water.  After you have washed the blossom shake off the water and see if the blossom is still shiny and has no visible damage or discoloration.  If there is no damage or discoloration to the blossom then it is safe to clean the entire arrangement using water.

Give the flower arrangement a good dusting with the feather duster to avoid the possibility of dust clumping and damaging the flower.  Then take the arrangement to the kitchen sink or a place large enough to spray water on the flowers.  If the arrangement is small you might just use a small spray bottle or a spritzer to thoroughly spray the arrangement with cold water.  If the arrangement is very large you might want to take it outside and spray it with a hose.

After the arrangements are clean shake the water out completely from the flowers and set them aside to dry.

If your flower arrangement is in a metal pot like copper or brass, cover the pot first with plastic before getting the whole thing wet.  Make sure the water does not get into the pot.  Water on the metal can cause the metal to rust and tarnish.

There are some silk flower arrangements which cannot be cleaned using water.  For small arrangements you can put them in a paper or plastic bag.  Then sprinkle some coarse salt over the arrangement and shake them until they are clean.  The salt absorbs the dirt and dust from your silk flowers.  Baking soda can be used as an alternative to the salt.

There are some other ways to clean your silk flowers.  One is to blow out the dust using your hair dryer set at the lowest heat.  This works for flowers which can withstand heat.  You can also use a vacuum clean to pull the dust off the silk flowers.  Or, you can purchase an ozone-safe aerosol spray cleaner specially designed to use for cleaning silk flowers.