Coffee – How To Find The Best Coffee


Finding the best coffee really depends on the preference of the individual. Each person has his own idea of how good coffee should taste.

When you are looking for the best cup of coffee you want a coffee that is smooth and has no off-flavors. Once brewed the coffee should have a good aroma and flavor. You do not want coffee that is made from either charred or under roasted coffee beans.

There are many people who are very particular about purchasing green coffee beans and then roasting them. In this way they are able to produce gourmet quality coffee brewed to their own individual taste.

Others who enjoy the gourmet quality coffees and/or those who desire a pure coffee as opposed to a blend purchase from specialty coffee shops where they can purchase beans which have been very recently roasted using the roasting method they prefer.

There are two main types of coffee beans. Arabica are the oldest known bean and is a highly flavorful bean. It has different flavors depending on the region where it is grown.

Robusta beans grow in climates where Arabica coffee beans cannot grow. The Robusta beans contain more caffeine then the Arabica beans. They may also appear more acidic than the Arabica beans.   Most coffee experts feel Arabica beans are the preferred choice. There are other types of coffee beans but these are the two main ones.


Most of us do not roast our own beans. We may purchase the whole coffee bean and grind it ourselves or we may simply purchase ground coffee in the store.

When you are purchasing coffee you want to buy the freshest available. You can check the best used by date on the container and the further away this date is the fresher the coffee should be.

Some of the less expensive coffee sold at the grocery came out better in taste tests than some more expensive brands.

Eight O’clock coffee which is priced very reasonably came out at the top of the caffeinated coffee taste tests.

Other popular grocery store brands include Green Mountain Coffee which is a good quality medium roast coffee. Peets is a deliciously balanced coffee which is a very popular brand.

For decaffeinated coffee Dunkin Donuts Decaffeinated Coffee comes out at the top of the list. Other good decaffeinated coffee included Millstone Decaf and Folgers Gourmet Selection Lively Columbian Decaf. These decaf coffees ranked higher than the more expensive Starbuck Coffee Decaf House Blend. No decaf coffee ranked as high for taste as caffeinated coffees.

A good cup of coffee should be one you can enjoy without needing to alter the taste by adding cream, sugar or flavorings.