Collecting Figurines 

Many people enjoy collecting figurines.  Figurine collections adorn the shelves, dressers and display areas of countless homes.  There are many types and styles of figurines that people can purchase to build a personal collection.  One of the most popular collectible figurines in the world is the Precious Moments figurines.  These doe-eyed boys and girls made in pastel ceramics are a favorite of many collectors. 

You want to be sure the item you are contemplating adding to your collection is genuine.  Unfortunately, there are many copycat manufacturers hoping to take your money.  Check the signature label and sales tag to see if you are purchasing the collectible you want.  Ask the sales person for assistance if you are in doubt.  Carefully examine the figurine for any stains, cracks or other possible imperfections.  You don’t want to purchase an item you think is perfect, only to get it home, discover the imperfection, and then be unable to return the item to the store because the damage makes it ineligible for return. 

If you want to save some money, try to shop on the day when the retailer is having a sale.  Sometimes special events are advertised on television and in the local papers to let consumers know these special products will be available at a reduced price for a limited time.  When you shop these sales you can maintain the high standard of quality that you are searching for, while at the same time saving money.  Check with your local retailer if a sale has not been advertised recently to see if they have any sales coming up in the near future. 

To find a figurine you desire, you might want to contact the manufacturer directly either by visiting the online website or writing a letter.  Another way to contact the manufacturer is with their toll free telephone number (if they have one).  You can inquire about any upcoming promotions or sales events.  Contacting the manufacturer may also result in possible discounts. 

eBay or Amazon may also be good sources for the collectible you seek, if you don’t mind buying the item used.  It may not matter with a collectible if the item is used if you plan to hold on to the item hoping it gains in value in the future. 

If you are thinking about starting a collection try visiting specialty shops or ask your friends and family members for some suggestions.  You might want to do some online browsing for collectibles.  You can do this by searching for collectibles together with a subject word to find items of personal interest.   

Once you have determined what type figurine you are going to collect, and have started purchasing them, you need to find a safe, attractive area for storage or display of your new items.  As you can afford to make the purchase, continue to add pieces to your collection.  Collecting figurines is a personal project.  You should purchase only those figurines that you like and enjoy.  Overtime your collection will grow.  The value of your collection may increase to the point where you want to sell your items.  Or, you may prefer to continue enjoying your collection for many years and then passing it alone to someone else who will also enjoy the collection as much as you have.