Conugated Linoleum Acid (CLA) And All Its Benefits

claCLA is the common name used for conjugated linoleum acid which is a trans fatty acid related to the omega 6 fatty acids.  Although it is a trans fat many health benefits are said to be derived from the use of CLA.

It is found naturally in grass feed cattle , wild game and in dairy products.  It is difficult to get enough CLA naturally since you will have to eat large amounts of fat.  Therefore many people increase their intake of CLA by using a supplement form of the fatty acid.  There are different manufacturers for CLA so you need to check the ingredients to be sure you are getting the amount of CLA you desire.  Taking your CLA supplements either before or after meals has been beneficial for some people.

Among the benefits of  CLA are a reduction in body fat when used in conjunction with exercise and diet.  Just taking CLA will not reduce your body if you do not also reduce your food intake and do some exercising.  CLA can contribute to an increase in endurance and muscle strength.  CLA is also said to decrease the risk of some cancers by inhibiting the development of some cancer cells.   It may help those with diabetes to better control their glucose.  The anti-inflammatory properties of  CLA may assist those with rheumatoid arthritis.  The immune system may be improved by CLA and it may assist in preventing some heart disease by lowering levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). CLA may even help those suffering from some allergies.

The research for benefits of CLA is still ongoing so eventually we may know of other advantages of CLA.

There are few side effects reported from users of CLA.  Some have experienced nausea or an upset stomach, but this usually goes away after a couple of weeks.