Cooking Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year for both children and adults.  If you are planning to host a group for a dinner or party on Halloween you want to include some spooky recipes everyone can enjoy.  The internet is a gold mine of recipes you might want to consider.

When planning your menu you want to choose foods that take very little watching while cooking.  Halloween is the time when your doorstep will be graced by witches, goblins, spacemen, clowns, kings, princesses, goblins and many more creatures.  The trick or treaters will be looking for you to give out treats at your door. You want to be able to greet the children who ring the bell.  You don’t want to be chained to the kitchen watching time consuming and attention demanding foods.

On a busy night like Halloween the crock pot can be the answer to your problems.  You can start the food early before the creatures begin their appointed rounds and keep the food warm until it is time to eat.  You can prepare the meal in the crockpot or you can prepare some food using the stove and then keep it warm in the crockpot until mealtime.

You might consider a pot of spaghetti brains with meatball eyes.  Prepare your sauce in the crockpot and include some meatballs which have been stuffed with one olive eyeball.  When the sauce and meatballs are finished add some cooked spaghetti noodles and keep the entire meal warm till you are ready for it.  You can make some bat wings (chicken wings) in the crockpot using your favorite sauce.  Make some sloppy joes in the crockpot.  Serve the sloppy joe over open rolls using some small triangles of cheese slices for eyes and a pickle for eyeballs.  Use a slice of red pepper or some pimento for the mouth.

It’s a good idea to prepare as much food as possible ahead of time.  There are lots of frightening goodies that can be made ahead of time.  In fact, some can even be made a few days in advance.  Make some dips, either hot or cold, that can be used for vegetables.  Your veggies can be chopped ahead of time and stored in the fridge.  Consider making some deviled egg white mice and storing them in the fridge for a day or two.  You might consider making some ghost cookies, marshmallow witch or ghost candy, eyeball cookies or candy. What about some dirt cake with gummy worms.  Try serving some punch with gummy worms coming out of the punch bowl.

If you have some foods you like to prepare, check out the internet for ideas to make these normal foods look more appropriate for Halloween.  Make your pizza look a little spookier by decorating it in a spooky manner. Perhaps make a jack o lantern face with the pizza sauce.

There are lots of thing you can do to raise the fun factor and make even family favorite foods seem more spooky.  Be creative and give fancy names (like spaghetti brains) to your regular favorite foods.

The important thing to keep in mind is that Halloween is a holiday that gives children of all ages the perfect excuse to use their imagination and play pretend.  The food you serve for Halloween does not have to be too spooky to be the perfect fit for the occasion Make a few simple adjustments, add some food coloring and some imagination and your meal can become worthy of the ghosts, goblins, royalty and other creatures dining with you on Halloween.