Cool Tips To Save Money On Car Rentals

car-rentalWhen you plan to rent a car there can be a wide variance between the prices you will pay. You need to do your homework before reserving that car.

Check out the rates for various rental car companies to find the best price. No one car rental company will always be the lowest so look at many. You can often find lower rates if you go through services such as Orbitz or Travelocity rather that the rental car site.

Book early to have a better chance at booking a cheaper car. The lower rate cars are quickly reserved. Rent the smallest vehicle that will serve your needs.

Check out the little guys. You probably can get a better rate from one of the smaller car rental companies instead of the larger chains.

If you have a discount coupon for a car rental use it. Some organizations such as AAA and AARP offer discounts on car rentals.

Stay away from an airport for pickup when renting a car. You will pay more because there is a surcharge applied at the airport. Some companies have shuttles to take you to an outside location for a car.

Check out which rate will be cheaper for you. Should you reserve at a daily or weekly rate. There can be a huge difference in the prices. Check to see if you can save some money with a weekly rate.

When you go for your car try to still get a better rate than the one quoted. It never hurts to try.

car_rentalBefore you return your rental car fill the gas tank. It will cost less to fill the tank then if you take it back needing fuel. The rental car company will likely charge a surcharge if you don’t return a full tank of gas.

Your own automobile insurance coverage probably will cover the rental car.   Check with your insurance agent. The rental car company will make it sound like taking their insurance is important, but it is likely a duplicate of the coverage you already have.

Use your own GPS. You don’t need one from the rental company,

If you need to upgrade to a larger vehicle try negotiating the charge. Upgrade fees are at the discretion of the rental car agent. Of course, if the rental car company needs to upgrade you because the size car you reserved is not available there should be no charge. It is the fault of the rental car company that your reserved car is not ready and available for your use.

Be sure there is no limit on mileage if you are traveling a long distance. You don’t want to pay any extra for mileage.

If you are in a larger city and only need a car for a few hours perhaps car sharing will work for you. With car sharing you rent a car by the hour. You may be renting from the vehicles owner. Zipcar is probably the largest car networking service.