Craft Show Selling Tips 

You are creative and like to make crafts.  You may make jewelry, crochet or knit items, do woodworking or create in stained glass, paint pictures, make soap or candles, or create floral arrangements.  Whatever your craft, you like to display and sell your finished products at craft shows. 

If you are new at selling at craft shows and want to be a success here are a few tips that may help you. 

First, try to get some idea of the people expected to attend the craft show and tailor your inventory to this specific type crowd.  You will get a good idea of the type crowd attending the craft show if you attend the show year after year.  However, there are other methods you can use to determine the type of attendees.  For instance, will the customers be older folks or will they be children?  Is this an upscale crowd or is it a more middle-class group?  If you are dealing with a group that includes children arrange to display something that will catch the child’s attention, so he will drag his parents over to your table to see the item you have displayed especially for them.  If your craft show crowd consists of the high-end client, then display more expensive items that might attract their attention.  For an older crowd, display something they will like such as jewelry with easy clasps, shawls to warm shoulders, small floral arrangements, fancy soaps, etc. 

The second thing you should consider is to be flexible with your pricing.  Knowing your target audience is important here.  If you don’t put pricing on your sale items, then people will need to ask for a price.  You can adjust your pricing based on the audience, the size of the crown and whether you really want to sell that item.  There are some people who are turned off when an item does not show a price, so it is your choice whether to indicate price on the piece offered for sale.  Even when you indicate a price you still can come down if you choose.
Some people expect to haggle price at craft shows in order to get a better deal.  Whether or not you show pricing and how much you adjust pricing is up to you. 

Third thing is to accept checks and credit cards.  You prefer cash, but checks are easy to accept.  It is rare for anyone to give out a bad check at a craft show. Lots of people bring cash, but they sometimes find too many things they want to buy, and the cash runs out so they use a check.  If you decide to accept credit cards you may need a merchants account.  Talk with your local bank and they can point you in the right direction.  You will need some means to process the credit card for the purchase.  Many crafters use a manual credit card swiper, but if you plan to verify the card when it is presented to you will need an electric source to do so. 

Finally, remember to give out your business card.  Every time you sell something include a business card with the purchase.  Often people will contact you after the craft show to order more merchandise.  If you have a website be sure it is indicated on your business card. 

Selling at craft shows is fun and it can be a rewarding experience.  You can make some extra money.  Follow these tips and they may help you to sell more items and enjoy the craft show experience.