Dealing With Annoying People At The Gym

o-GYM-ANNOYED-facebookWhen at the gym there are some things people do which annoy the other members working out there. Although people should have some idea of the decent way to behave at the gym apparently some either do not know or do not care how their actions are seen by other people.

If someone is annoying you with their behavior there are only a few options open for you to deal with it. You can ignore the offensive person or you can find a way to try to handle the problem.

You can handle the problem by finding a way to ignore it. If someone is talking loud using a cell phone or is offering unsolicited advice on your form or skill and your use of various equipment you can block out their sounds by using your MP3 player and some headphones.

Some of the other common annoying practices at the gym are people who use a bench press and then leave very heavy weights on it. People who hog a machine while others are waiting to use it. People who insist on being naked in the dressing room instead of using a towel to cover up. People who put their belongings all over the locker room instead of using a locker. People who wear excessive perfume which may cause others to have runny eyes, a strange taste in their mouth or a headache. People with less then acceptable hygiene habits who actually smell bad.

If you know the person annoying you is fairly reasonable you can try a straightforward approach. Reminding them a machine needs to be wiped clean of sweat after use may be all you need to solve that problem. You want to be reasonable when approaching the other person and not confrontational.

930903-94170bf2-a4d1-11e3-94c1-d923b8b77352If someone left excessive weights on a bench press you might want to try flattery. You can tell that person how wonderful it is that he is able to use such heavy weights and let it be known you are not able to lift anywhere near that amount of weight. Hopefully, he will get the hint and remove the excess weights.

You might try using some gentle sarcasm, but with this you need to be careful of your tone of voice and be cautious of the person you are using this method with. Using this method can be tricky.

When someone is hogging a machine for an excessive period of time you might want to alter your routine and come back for that machine later. Or, you might say something about how nice they are able to continue that particular exercise for such a long time and indicate that you could never accomplish working that length of time on that equipment.

You might try being helpful to the annoying person. For the person running around naked you might say something about no towels being available when he needed one and offer him one now. For the person leaving his stuff strewn around you might want to point out there are lockers available.

If you observe someone behaving in a way that may be dangerous (as opposed to simply being annoying) to himself or others you should not hesitate to talk with management about the problem,