Decorate Your Home With A Candle Wall Sconce 

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, you might want to consider candle wall sconces.  Interior decorators often suggest wall sconces as a way to accentuate a room.  

You will find candle sconces available in all lightening stores.  You can find a large selection of candle wall sconces online.  There are many retailers with online catalogs so you can browse at your leisure and for as long as you like.   

The sconces come in varying sizes and may hold one or more candles.  Sconces are made to accommodate the small tealights and larger sconces are designed to handle the large pillar candles.   Styles for sconces come in a wide variety of styles.  You might like gothic, traditional, Victorian or art-deco.  Traditional wall sconces were made of wrought iron and had glass hurricane lamps.  You can get old fashioned looking wall sconces that look like oil lamps.    There are even wrought iron sconces with intricate carvings and shapes that look like harps and angels.  Contemporary wall sconces are made of brass, Tiffany glass, pewter, glass and some are made of plastic.  You might prefer a wall sconce that has crystals dripping from it to resemble a mini chandelier.  

The wall sconce is attached to the wall with a plate that screws into the wall.  This plate can be made of brass, metal or plastic.  The plate keeps the candleholder from being too close to the wall. 

When you light candles in the wall sconces they give the room a warm inviting glow. Wall sconces are the perfect way to add accent lightening to a room. If you have wall sconces mounted on either side of a picture or a tapestry on the wall it will really display the artwork to its best effect. 

During cold winter nights the glow from the wall candle sconces will help make your home feel like a safe cozy haven.  If the power goes out then you will still have light from your candle wall sconces. 

Your best candle to use with wall sconces is a dripless candle.  You don’t want to be cleaning candle wax off the floors and the walls. You can use either votive, pillar, taper or tealight candles with your wall sconces.  If you use a wall sconce where the candle is inside a glass lamp, then you don’t have to worry about the candle dripping on the floor or wall.  A glass lamp will keep the candle away from the wall and there is no danger of the candle tipping over. 

You can use wall sconces to decorate one room in your home, to line the stairway, or to decorate multiple rooms in your home.  You can carry one theme of wall sconce throughout the entire home or you can change each room to something new and different.  Choose different colors and different scents to reflect the individual’s personality. 

If you don’t like the idea of using wax candles close to the walls you can use imitation electric candles that operate on batteries.