Do You Need A Break From Dating?

ep94_carrie_dog_cafeWith today’s busy lifestyle many people are constantly rushing to catch up. There is little time to spend searching for just that right romantic partner. Sometimes we rush from one date to the next without stopping to relax. Sometimes we feel stressed and think perhaps a break from dating may help.

There are signs that it is time to take a break from dating. Here are seven clues that a dating break may be just the thing for you.

Everyone needs “me time”. This is time when you can do whatever you want without worrying about pleasing another person. If you have no “me time” its time for a dating break.

If you have just ended a long-term relationship you need to take a dating break to give yourself time to regroup before moving on to a new relationship.

You probably need a break from dating if you have experienced some personal trauma in your life. Perhaps it was an illness, perhaps you lost a pet, perhaps there was a death of someone close to you. Whatever the trauma it has caused pain in your life and you need some time to recover. Now is not a good time to start a romantic relationship.

If you are looking for a job it is probably wise to take a dating break. You want to be at your best when interviewing for a job. You want to be employed and able to support yourself financially before you begin dating someone new.

maxresdefaultIf you do not feel interested in going out on a date because you feel too exhausted and tired its time to take a break from dating to relax and regain your enthusiasm.

Someone who looks his or her best and projects a positive attitude is the type person who will attract others. If you don’t feel attractive or confident it is not the time to be dating. Its time for a dating break,

Sometimes your family or close friends will notice something with you is not quite right, They feel now is not the appropriate time for you to be dating. Don’t dismiss their concerns. It may actually be time for you to take a dating break.

If every time you go on a date something is just not right perhaps its time to take a dating break. A number of lousy dates in a row can undermine your confidence.

When your life is especially hectic you need the time to concentrate on the issues that require your attention. You may be faced with a deadline at work or have some other time crunch issue. Now is the time to take a dating break so you can focus your attention and accomplish what must be done.

If you use online dating services and only feel like supplying the minimal information required for your profile and you submit any old picture because you figure who cares its time for a dating break.

Sometimes finding a romantic partner is a number one priority for you and you spend all your free time searching for that special someone. Sometimes if you are searching too hard you can develop burn-out. When that happens its time to step back, take a break from dating and relax for awhile. You can start dating again later after you have recharged your batteries.