Do You Prefer Camping In A Tent Or A Motor Home? 

Camping is very popular in the United States.  One of the many reasons why camping is such a popular pastime is that it gives you so many choices.  You determine where you will go, what route you will take, what attractions you will visit, and how long you will stay.  When you go camping your entire family can enjoy the experience, including the family pets. You determine if you will camp using a tent or if you will use a motor home. 

Everyone has to make his or her own decision whether to camp using a tent or motor home.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. 

If you camp in a traditional tent there are a number of benefits.  Cost is one of those benefits.  Tents come in all sizes, shapes, styles, materials and prices.  You can purchase tents from any number of retailers both online and at brick and mortar stores.  If you are not sure camping will be something you do often, you might want to consider renting a tent and other camping gear instead of purchasing your own.  If you plan to purchase a tent you can sometimes find bargains for under $50. 

Camping with a tent will give you more of the feeling of a traditional camping experience.  As you already know, tents are like tarps.  They will give you protection from the elements, but you will still feel that you are camping in the open.  Camping with a tent may be preferred if you are an outdoor lover.  If you plan to camp in a tent you will probably be sleeping on the ground or a cot in a sleeping bag. 

The biggest problem of camping with a tent is probably bad weather.  Although some tents are waterproof and strong not all tents are.  If you don’t know what weather to expect for your camping trip, perhaps you should consider using a camping tent that comes highly rated and recommended.  You don’t want to awake soaking wet. 

Camping with a motor home has both advantages and disadvantages too. The biggest drawback to camping with a motor home is the cost.  If you plan to purchase a motor home to go camping you will find it is expensive.  If you are trying to camp on a budget it may out of your financial abilities.  Of course, you don’t have to purchase a motor home you can rent one instead.  There are any number of individuals and companies with motor homes to rent.  Renting a motor home, instead of purchasing one, is a much more affordable way to camp in style.  If you only plan to use a motor home occasionally it is probably better to rent than to buy. 

When you camp in a motor home you can enjoy the luxuries of modern life.  Many motor homes resemble small apartments or small homes. They come equipped with working kitchens, bathrooms and even televisions. 

The decision of whether to camp with a tent or motor home is your decision to make.  You will want to weight the pros and cons of each method of camping.  Choose the one that fits your lifestyle and budget and the one you and your family will enjoy.