Do You Remember The Early Video Games? 

Do you remember the video games of the 1970s and 1980s?  This was before people were able to download games and play with others all over the world. 

Video games have been, and are still, one of the most popular leisure pursuits.  In the early days of video games there was Atari, Intellivision, Colelcovision, Sega and Nintendo.  

These games relied on graphic improvements and better ways of shooting the enemy.  The games were most often played alone. 

Now with the ability to download games and play online, instead of a solitary player people compete against each other from almost any corner of the world. 

Let’s look back at some of the early video games. 

The first video game was from Magnavox and their “Odyssey” system.  This was in 1972.  The system consisted of twelve simple games with graphic overlays.  Although many people think Pong was the first video game, it was not. 

With lots of room for improvement in video games, Nolan Bushnell came along and he and Al Alcorn (the founder of Atari) created Pong.  Pong was first tested in a bar in California.  It proved so popular that after two days the machine broke down.  This led to a home version of Pong being released one year later by Atari.  Pong was a huge success and led to over sixty Pong knock-offs, but Atari dominated the market. 

Next came the microprocessor which led to more complicated systems being developed.  Consumers loved the new innovative graphical and auditory effects that had never been seen before. 

The biggest game of all time may have been Pac Man which was a worldwide sensation.  The yellow blob ate up dots and avoided squid-like ghosts. 

Another extremely popular game was Space Invaders.  The goal for Space Invaders was to stop an alien invasion.  Space Invaders became the most successful arcade game of all times. 

Super Mario was another very popular game.  It involved an Italian anti-hero who was designed as a character that everyone could relate to.  After Super Mario came Zelda, Metroid and other classics. 

In the 1980s Atari was the biggest thing in the gaming industry.  However, when they had the opportunity to include a disk drive in their system they decided against it.  Arcade games were using the storage capacities of the disk drive, but Atari thought the magnetic media was something the average consumer could not adequately handle.  It appeared that arcade systems were forging ahead while home systems stayed at the same old level.   

Quickly the public lost interest in the video game specific consoles.  Sales slumped drastically, and this marked the end of Atari’s dominance in the video game market. 

With the reduction in cost of the Dynamic RAM Chips and the production of higher power processers the video game market changed.  Sega came on the market with their Sega Master System and this sold very well, but the success was limited. 

At that time Nintendo of Japan was also a major player in the game industry.  Nintendo spent tons of money on marketing and their advertisements hit the consumers at just the right time.  The Nintendo Entertainment System would become the highest selling system in history.   

For several years Sega and Nintendo battled for dominance in the market.  This rivalry was a definite benefit for the consumer. 

New systems such as Playstation 2, the Gamecube and the Xbox have come on the scene.  Even with new games, it is still fun to go back and play some of the great old classic games.