Does Your Relationship Need Help?

No relationship is perfect.  A relationship is two individuals who are bringing their own unique qualities together.  Neither person in the relationship is perfect and for a relationship to work it takes not only love bur understanding and effort.  Each person in the relationship will have to engage in some give and take.

If you are asking yourself and others if your relationship needs help it, the answer is probably yes.  Asking this question is probably a positive step.  It means you realize something in your relationship is not right.  It means that you are willing to work at improving your relationship.  If you and your partner are both willing to work to grow together and fix whatever problems you have encountered that is good sign.


A few signs that your relationship is in trouble can include not talking with each other, keeping secrets, withholding affection, living separate lives, and arguing over and over again about every little thing, etc.

When you are looking for help to improve your relationship there are several options available to you.


Self-help books are a good resource into what it takes to have a good relationship.  There may be some trial and error to find out what works for your relationship and what does not.

Parents can be very helpful if they have had a good relationship.  When you talk with your parents talk in general terms.  Don’t be too specific since parents worry too much about their children no matter how old the children may be.  If your parents have listened to each other, respected each other and don’t fight about everything under the sun they can give good insight about how they managed to remain in a good relationship.  Don’t try to be like your parents since every relationship is different.  You can take their secrets to a lasting relationship and apply to your own relationship those aspects that will work for you.

There are times when it will be necessary to engage in counseling to repair a relationship.  When your problems seem too big to handle on your own you may need a third party to listen and offer advice.  Be prepared for lots of feedback from this third party.  If both parties in the relationship are willing to learn to understand the viewpoint of the other and both are willing to find common ground, the services of a therapist can be very helpful in finding a reasonable resolution to ongoing problems.

If your relationship is having problems, the first person with whom you need to discuss the issues is your partner.  Even when you feel there are relationship problems you don’t want to think of your partner as your enemy.  You should be considering your partner your ally. Think of your partner as someone you can talk with about the problems and hopefully come up with a way to resolve things and get the relationship back on track.

It may take hard work to repair your relationship.  If you both want the relationship to continue and grow then all the hard work and effort needed to restore your closeness will definitely be worth it.