Don’t Blow Your Leads

Making the most of your opportunities is crucial when you are in business or in sales.  Leads are an excellent way to grow your sales and expand your customer base.

Timing is extremely important when you get a lead.  Wait to act and you will not get the business.  As soon as you receive that lead, pick up the phone and contact the prospect.

After your initial contact let the prospect know that you plan to follow-up with him and ask what is the best way for you to make the follow-up.  Then. If the prospect is agreeable, get in contact with the prospect again later to see if you can be of service.  Be pleasant, but don’t be pushy.

When someone is looking for a service or product they have probably mentioned this need to several people.  If you happen to be one of those people who receive the lead that a prospective client has a need you can fulfill get in contact immediately with that prospect.  If you do not, someone else will follow the lead and get the business.

Leads are not meant to be stuck in a tickler file or pinned to a bulletin board.  If you follow this system and wait a few days or a week or two, by the time you get in touch with the prospective client it will be too late.  There are people who follow this procedure of waiting to contact a prospect.  Then these same people wonder why they are not getting the sales.  The reason is simple.  The person who is slow in following leads does not get the business because a more proactive person has already contacted the prospect and secured the business.

People who are looking for a product or service will put out the word to those they think know someone who can provide these services or the product needed.  They usually put the word out to several different people.

When someone within your professional circle gives you a lead it is highly likely others have been made aware of this lead.  This prospects name and phone number, as well as the service or product he needs, has already been passed around to several other people.  The prospect probably also is aware of when the lead was given to you.  If you wait to contact the prospect you are giving him the impression that his business is not important to you and he can seek out someone else to provide the services he needs.  You are also giving your competition the opportunity to get the jump on you and secure the business.

People who respond to a business lead within one hour of receiving that lead are 7 times more likely to be successful than those who wait for a longer period of time.  When you talk with the prospect be sure you give complete answers to the prospects questions.  The first person with complete answers to the prospect’s questions has the best chance of winning the customer.

Don’t let your leads sit before making that contact.  The sooner you make contact with a prospect the better it will be for your bottom line.